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Sarah Sanders' most memorable moments – BBC News

The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is the latest high profile figure to leave the Trump administration, returning to her home state of Arkansas at the end of June.

Mrs Sanders has been in the role since July 2017 after replacing her predecessor Sean Spicer.

Sanders’ tenure as White House spokeswoman was not without controversy; she was known for her combative approach with the media when defending the policies and actions of the President and his administration.

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  1. Avatar

    We will miss you and be following YOU

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    Loyal, vicious female hound…what more can I say to describe this b*tch?

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    Smacking down liberal hack journalists is her best accomplishment. Liberals are triggered!

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    Her most memorable moment was when she was fired for incompetence and stealing office supplies.

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    When the WH dinner comedienne said 'Smokey eye', I think she meant "Blow smoke out of her ass". Something this Trump shill has made a career out of. I feel sorry for her. Lying for that long on somebody else's behalf must take its toll.

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    Having to answer condescending comments in question form by phaggot liberals will make anyone quit lol

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    She'll make a great addition to the Wallmart team! Welcome aboard Cashier #4!

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    The bbc perfect example of providing an unbiased news report with no agenda

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    Нет, не выходит ей симпатизировать.

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    Just stretch a sweater over a stack of tires. It will be as if Sanders never left.

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    aww shes leaving. Oh wait no

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    Thank you Sarah for your service! We'll miss you!!!

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    Sarah will be living large when she returns to the state full of fat, dumb, hillbillies!

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    Outstanding women, Just look at all the dishonest so called journalists she went head to toe with daily.

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    Unfortunately, SHS is a reflection on the character of the conservative white southern female. The south was only fiscally viable under the Rape Based Economy that existed until the Civil Rights Movement. Without oppression as a fiscal weapon, these females have nothing.

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    An unbiased media outlet, giving a totally one sided view and mixing clips to suggest only negatives….

    I thought news was just meant to show you reality, not show you the reality they want you to believe?

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    TWATWAFFLE goes bye bye! Bring on the next liar…

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    She will be remembered as liar, but one who was damn good at it. She never acted like reality mattered one bit. I bet Trump will miss her a lot. It will be hard to replace her.

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    Good. Take your pearls and be gone with yourself. You were one of the worst speakers I have ever heard with all of your “um’s” and “ah’s” . It was irritating to listen to you.

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    Sarah Manatee Sanders…not really a whale..not a seal.Now she's leaving,who will replace her..?
    She's native to sub tropical waters near the everglades park. She's a dugong.
    How much du could a dugong do if a dugong could do gong..?

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    Sarah Sanders is fat stupid and ugly and will not be missed

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