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Samsung Galaxy S20 First Look: Three Phones, 5G, So Many Cameras | WSJ

This year’s flagships from Samsung—the Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra—are packed. But can you tell them apart? WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains how they differ in size, cameras, price and network connectivity.

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  1. Avatar

    Buying a Samsung phone is a waste of funds cos the parts are more costlier than the entire phone itself example is the screen Samsung phones Screen are too costly and some screens cost more than some new Android products I'm talking from experience

  2. Avatar

    Me: looks at s20 for the first time
    Me: looks at wallet
    Wallet: $1

  3. Avatar

    literally just got an s10e.
    I regret this

  4. Avatar

    Nice.. 5G As Standard, 8k Filming etc.
    Wonder If It's Still Got That God-Awful 'Teenage' Bixby B.S On It?

  5. Avatar

    I don't care about the camera. Give more battery life and better reception.

  6. Avatar

    The s10 is looking very nice right about now

  7. Avatar

    Where is Plus Ultra

    Any My Hero Academia fan?

  8. Avatar

    I'd like to see a Samsung Lover
    As i am one ,thank you

  9. Avatar

    Well thank you thank God you’re back doing something you’re very good at🗽🇺🇸🥳😎🥇
    💐🌷🌹🥀🌸🌼 this is for your Valentines have a good day on The 14th .Bye

  10. Avatar

    I see, there's no feature called the Headphone Jack S 😉

  11. Avatar

    I will buy it I trade my iPhone 10 for it

  12. Avatar

    I'll wait for the S21 with the restored headphone jack.

  13. Avatar

    WSJ we don’t want your paid advertisements. We want journalism.

  14. Avatar

    I'm poor… in every language known and unknown to man

  15. Avatar

    I think I was happiest with a Galaxy S5. Removable battery, headphone jack, waterproof and a 16Mpixel camera. None of these newer phones can improve on that.

  16. Avatar

    Always nice to see the latest of the samsung breach charges.

  17. Avatar

    I think 5G is still a bit too far off to be buying a phone today specifically for that feature. By the time 5G becomes prevalent, they'll be on at least the S30 📱. #RIPHeadphoneJack

  18. Avatar

    5 G…..is designed for military crowd control . Not safe for anyone. Research it.

  19. Avatar

    Its nice but most of the features are just gimmicks!! 8K camera and 5G aka 4G LTE-A are not gonna matter much cause its still to early for any of this.. Lets not forget the price for these phones at launch.

  20. Avatar

    What should I buy???
    The ultra or the +

  21. Avatar

    2:36 They should call it Galaxy Zoom
    Samsung Vs Apple
    👇🏾 Apple 👇🏾 Samsung

  22. Avatar

    Love the commentary of this video; especially nose hair and eye brow line

  23. Avatar

    Apple : We’re removing the headphone jack
    Android: HAHAHAHAHAHAH why would remove the headphone jack that’s soooo dumb 😂
    Turns around
    Android: Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  24. Avatar

    Stop it with the no head phone port already. Smh. I think by now we know it's gone.

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