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Sajid Javid: 'Any self-respecting minister' would reject PM's demands

Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor after the prime minister, Boris Johnson, insisted he replace all of his political advisers to stay in the role. Javid has been replaced in a cabinet reshuffle by his deputy, Rishi Sunak. His resignation came three weeks before he was meant to introduce his first budget
Sajid Javid resigns as chancellor in Boris Johnson reshuffle
Cabinet reshuffle: Javid urges Johnson not to lose ‘character and integrity’ in Treasury – live news

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  1. Avatar

    Be honest sajid javid..you got used like a loo roll

  2. Avatar

    What a tragic ending to this sel-respecting Alien in Tories Jumanji box!!!!

  3. Avatar

    This is not governed for UK British standards anymore !

  4. Avatar

    Dont punch above your weight and you wont meet hostility.

  5. Avatar

    Glad someones got some sense of morality in that party

  6. Avatar

    I for one am overjoyed to see the back that lying remainer!

  7. Avatar

    They have the luxury of quitting

  8. Avatar

    Used you as a Puppet, and now replaced you with a more obediant one. Power blinds people, thaught he was a respectable minister, lol.

  9. Avatar

    Hope Uncle Tom realised he got used as a token Asian and now has been discarded.

  10. Avatar

    Honourable man. Unlike Cummings' dizzy blonde puppet

  11. Avatar

    Coconut and a dumb tory. What's worse?

  12. Avatar

    He knows he was going anyway. U was never the right colour. Boris will fcuk everytimg up watch.

  13. Avatar

    So the real question is why was the government trying to get rid of their advisors???

  14. Avatar

    Gotta replace old ones with US puppet masters 😎😎😎simply really and public takes it…end of democracy

  15. Avatar

    I hope you're advisers walked out straight after you, too show their loyalty, This will do you no harm btw.

  16. Avatar

    You played yourself

  17. Avatar

    Get on Boris! Great to have a Prime Minister with a pair!!!

  18. Avatar

    Do not be fooled into thinking he has a modicum of morality….They are taught to see ethics as a weakness……to be exploited….

  19. Avatar

    He is Tory he is lying because his lips are moving, no one resigns because they were asked to fire someone, no one, what is this some cheap Hallmark TV movie about doing the right thing?

  20. Avatar

    Not bad But little Britain did it better 5/10

  21. Avatar

    What is the real reason though?

  22. Avatar

    His apparent replacement will only last five weeks. Birds of a feather.

  23. Avatar

    You know it's bad when this guy is the only one showing some form of integrity haha

  24. Avatar

    He cares more about his crony minister than the country he helped throw into chaos.

  25. Avatar

    He cares more about his crony minister than the country he helped throw into chaos.

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