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Safely vaccinating during COVID-19

Never has it been more important to keep up with vaccinations. The world is facing one health crisis. You can help prevent another.

World Health Organization (WHO)

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    Mathias Pedersen Explained

    I just want this pandemic to be over, thats all i want

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    Suryaputra Indian

    Due to this pandemic, fear prevents us to vaccinate child.

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    I do t trust you WHO!

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    unelected body run by some man from ethiopia. – STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS.

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    Agua Marina Tan Go

    Great succes!Dra.Ethel Mediza Madera SMVU Suvepa Udelar Private Consultant defense Science investigations

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    Leave the Kids alone ! ADD, ADHD, Autism never existed BEFORE the Vaccines! You people have SICK minds how about a vax for that.

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    Take your hands off on our children! Allowed only prophylactic vaccines. Stop abuse children! The rate of mortality of this virus at children is 0%.

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    really a great message to the world.

    but how to make this kind of animation?

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    Time Travel Vortex Spiral Tunnel | Portal to Multiple Dimensions | 4th Dimension | Space-Time Continuum Visual Effect | Animated Motion Background Blue Cyan 01

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    Do not listen to these people. They want to kill your kids offspring. Our children do not need vaccines to grow.
    Totally bull. These people are communist and think just like Bill Gates regarding population control. The rich put this group together. They are liers and help spread virus around the planet for their benefit. Did you know that one vaccine will bring in 1.8 billion dollars a year after it's made. This is all about money not your safety.

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    I always believe in my GOD

    I believe in GOD, always and forever. O my GOD, give the best solution for us, aamiin.

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    Do your own thoughtful research about vaccines and you will find they are a risky scam.

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    Amitabh is gets cure from covid without any medicine .We need no vaccine .

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    Beautiful! Thank you, so much

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    These m0nsters don't care a j0t about children. They only care for m0ney and p0wer. Let your children be exp0sed to germs, build up their own defence that mother nature assigned them with, an immune system. V@ x them if you want but don't call yourself a parent.

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    غازات تهدد العالم

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم كان في اكتشاف عندي كان نفسي اقوله بس كنت خايف والله على ما اقول شهيد مر ض كورونا مش مرض دا فى الواقع غازات سامه طايره في الهواء تنبات بجد وهيستمر١٠ شهوروياريت كل الناس تاخد الحزر من عدم التعرض لى الهواء الطلق واسطح المنازل والاماكن الخاليه ومعلومه هامه عدم تشغيل المراوح والتكيفات هذة الغازات الله اعلم متسربة من طبقة الازون الضعيفة الخاصة بى الغلاف الجوى او من اماكن ثانية انتو عارفين مصدرها ولا داعى لذكر الدول وهتستمر من حوالى 10 شهور او اكثر ونصيحه للناس ان هذة الغازات لا تنتقل بى اللمس وانما تنتقل من خلال الهواء وتاثر على احوال الطقس ويستمر عدم استقرار الطقس وشاهدت البلاد من حوالى ثلاث اسابيع تقلبات الطقس وكانت محمله بى المكروب وما ذال عدم استقرار شبكة الهواتف المحموله وتنتقل اسرع الى الانسان اثناء النوم ويرجا من اى عالم بى الفحص هذا المكروب ان طريقة علاجه من هذا المكروب هوا نفسة او تحالف البلاد مع بعضهم البعض لى النظر عبر المكروب اللذى ينتشر فى الهواء واخذ المصل من هذا المكروب وعلى الدول التحالف مع بعضهم البعض لرش هذا المصل بى الطيران على بعد 15الف كيلو فى الهواء دى اكثر نسبة لتغيير الهواء الملوث وتحذير يرجى عدم النوم قبل استدخدام المعقمات ومعطر الجو ويرجى استخدام الفلفل الحار او الشطه فى الطعام لتقوية المناعه وتحذير المدخنين ان هذة الغازات تذداد اكثر ضررا مع العلم قسما ب لله كل ما اتنبات بشئ واقولة ل اخوتى يخبرونى انه حدث فعلا كما تنبات فنظرت لى الامر وقمت بتصوير فديوهان والفحص عليهم وكانت النتيجه الغازات اللتى منتشره عبر الهواء وهنزل الفديوهان لكم والايام تثبت على ما اقول مصر بلد العلم والعلماء هي اللي صدرت العلم لى العالم ويوضع سره في اضعف خلقه ومتخفوش ان الله معنا 1/3/2020/

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    just think if you did your job back in December the world would not be in this spot, But yous waited mounths later to act. tell me i am wrong

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    La nueva orden mundial es …

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    Abdhalai Salah Omer

    Thanks a lot W.H.O

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    Still don't understand what to do in the UK 🤔 We can't fathom out what PM is doing to the UK🤔 Still sticking with 2 metre gap😷 Not going to pubs or restaurants 😕 We're staying indoors and we're not going on an Aeroplane this Year (Hols)🛫🛬 People can't afford to eat with COVID-19… Uummmm 🤔 It's either a loaf of 🍞 or a Mask😷Which one should we choose….🤔
    Why do the general public have to pay for MASKS … The Government should give out Masks (FREE of Charge … Politicians are a DISGRACE … in the UK 👎 Sorry is not Good Enough … Will you delete this message like the last one (WHO) control freak… ORGANISATION…

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    Анемичный Туркмен

    The most CORRUPT ORGANISATION in the world.They came to Turkmenistan and took a bribe from the dictator and report 0 cases in Turkmenistan. Shame on you who!!!
    You're the criminals!

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    The World Hoe Organization where they will hire you if you are willing to sell your grandma for an imitation Rolex.

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    Cheesy Democracy

    I don’t wanna make my child a CCP heartless.

  25. Avatar

    WHO = Joke Organization

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    Health Inspector

    Super!! Shall I use this video in my youtube to make awareness in my society

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