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S3T KIDZ | 2nd Place Jr | Winners Circle | World of Dance Antwerp Qualifier 2019 | #WODANT19

World of Dance Winners Circle presented by CCILU FOOTWEAR
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    We love a good hip-hop group!

  2. Avatar

    This is what happens when you take hip hop out of the ghetto. 😐 I’m sorry but, the choreography is bland and waaaaaay overworked. Just dance! You won 2nd place though and you’re doing your thing. Good for you! Critics like me do not matter. Keep following your dream no matter what anyone says. 👍🏽

  3. Avatar

    This choreographie is too boring

  4. Avatar

    idk why kinda feel like the choreography is quite boring and the dancing had no meaning at all? no offense tho

  5. Avatar

    wat a boring choreography guys damn

  6. Avatar

    iv never felt asleep so quickly )) I would not go on stage with such level of dancing nowadays ))

  7. Avatar

    anyone can tell me that music? please

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