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Russian Pilots Bombed Syrian Civilians, We Have Evidence | Visual Investigations

A Times investigation used cockpit recordings to show for the first time how Russian pilots attacked civilians in Syria this summer, killing dozens.

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  1. Avatar

    Russia  and the usa should not be  I n the milel east

  2. Avatar

    Ya Allah…….ya to kaymat Ka wqt es wqt le aa….. Ya fir Aman se Bhar de es duniya ko

  3. Avatar

    we the people need to stop Russia and aamarica  taking over the world

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    allah uekbar is no "oh my god" but "allah is great"

  5. Avatar

    Russians killed dozens of civilians? Kind of like the Bleep State did when they carried out a gas attack and then blamed Assad for it? Google Seymour Hersh's articles Red Line to Rat Line and Who's Sarin.

  6. Avatar

    Omg…please stop all this..please God be with them

  7. Avatar

    What about the fact that the Syrian chemical attack was proven to be a hoax revealed by 2 whistleblowers? Are you gonna talk about the at NY times?

  8. Avatar

    New york times is all over it!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Gotta keep these war mongrels in check… bombing civilians is ridiculous

  9. Avatar

    Terrible. The war is the worst. Peace for Syria

  10. Avatar

    Don't forget the time the US bombed Serbian civilians 20 years ago.

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    Не понимаю правда это или пропаганда

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    Need to sanction economically Russia till it hurts!

  13. Avatar

    Russian tactics is always like that

  14. Avatar

    Dont believe its Russia I think it is mossad pilot's in Russian planes.

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    Propaganda. American news service ( America starts conflict by funding terrorism) trying to shift the blame to another country. Just another day in the American media. Russia is clearly trying to stop the terrorism that nato is funding

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    these comments … the bots have arrived first as always

  17. Avatar

    Who cares. They are all jihadi head choppers. How about you do some real reporting in Eastern Ukraine where Russia is actually sending Russian troops and military equipment ILLEGALLY into Ukraine.

  18. Avatar

    This is nothing to compare for what America did in Iraq an illegal war millions people fled and isis was created thanks to America Saudi Arabia and Israel

  19. Avatar

    The last New York Times visual investigation about the 2018 gas attack has been debunked by the leaked OPCW engineer’s report. Why should we believe this one?

  20. Avatar

    Am I the only one who doesn't want America to invade Syria but also acknowledges that Assad is a dictator and that Russian interference in Syria has also done some bad?

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