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Rugby meets MMA in the violent Russian sport of kila

Russia’s Native Games continued in the Tambov region of central Russia last weekend, with the ancient game of kila a highlight.
In a game thought to date back to the 12th century, teams of three battle it out in a no-holds-barred combination of mixed martial arts, boxing and wrestling. The aim is to place a heavy leather ball in the opposing team’s tyre.
The wrestling element is particularly brutal as chokeholds, punching and fighting are all positively encouraged.

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    Black man what you doing?

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    клоп Солдат

    Чего только не придумают выдавая за "настоящую русскую игру" … В России никогда НЕ БЫЛО таких игр .

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    в детстве в начале 80г играли с подобными правилами игру,называли её просто "регби"

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    Fascinating… so in central Russia they're been throwing balls into tyres since the 12th century! I guess eventually someone had the bright idea of using those rubber tyres to put on wheels!

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