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Ruby Bridges recognized as a woman of the century | USA TODAY

Six-year-old Ruby Bridges became a civil rights icon when she walked by angry white mobs as part of desegregating public schools in Louisiana in 1960.
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Bridges, now 65 and a civil rights speaker, author and advocate, wasn’t the first Black child to integrate a school. She was born in 1954, the same year the Supreme Court ended “separate but equal” education of African American children in Brown v. Board of Education. Southern states ignored or blocked the order.

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    Hallelujah praise jesus holy name amen

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    Black messiah Is coming !

    Congratulations… you maker everyone very proud .

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    Just beautiful and amazing congratulations, she here still fighting ♥️

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    We have reached levels of black fatigue never thought possible

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    Why force people together? From what I understand the black community was doing well on their own and we're forced to integrate

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    Ut must have been so difficult for your parents. I don't have as much courage as you at 6. Bless you.

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    She was more than bused "Kamala, " how dare you use that pathetic picture of yours to say that your life is tied with
    The Black suffering of these United States!
    Stop it Kamala ! There's nothing brave
    about you!
    You are a terror to us! B1

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    Rose Petit Frere

    White people like to believe that slavery and racism is faaaarrr in the past but Ruby isn’t as old my grandma!!!

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