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Royals and politicians mark Remembrance Sunday – BBC News

Politicians – including Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson – and members of the Royal Family have joined veterans as the UK marks Remembrance Sunday.

A two-minute silence was held at the Cenotaph in London.

It was attended by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well as the Queen and Prince Charles.

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  1. Avatar

    The BBC still remembers me, how they wish for my return!

  2. Avatar

    Any idea how much the royal family cost? Seems like u could do better

  3. Avatar

    What happend?!
    Am I living under a rock?!
    Why are they all in black and so sad?!
    Did someone die?

  4. Avatar

    The royals only care about themselves don't let them child molesters fool you

  5. Avatar

    When we look at the glorious history of the British, they come to the fore with the world's greatest emperor and innovations and scientific studies. what about the British people had never been in the world. how would today's world be.

    with love to all the british people from istanbul.

    ""Long live the queen""

  6. Avatar

    Ali se encontra a senhora que nunca morre hahaha

  7. Avatar

    Remembers what? That they were once ruled the world and oppressed it? Is this a selfish gesture to themselves? Or remembering all the lives lost by the British? Someone help me out here.

  8. Avatar

    they have chomo in the family! where is andrew?

  9. Avatar

    All those fantastic people that fought and died for our basic human rights and democracy, that have been shat on by those in power who remove those rights and ignore democracy… what a disgrace they are to the memory. The hypocrisy of their presence at remembrance is repulsive.

  10. Avatar

    How unusual it is for a politician to be silent for a whole two minutes! Our Idiot in Chief can't manage that in front of a camera. But I have to say, UK, that I am so disappointed in you. I thought our Idiot in Chief would have prevented you from having your own Prime Idiot! It's a sad day for remembrance, but so glad you do this. (At least your Prime Idiot showed up…our Idiot in Chief can't be bothered to place a wreath on the tomb of our Unknown Soldier on our Memorial Day.)

  11. Avatar

    I notice that steptoe refused, (yet again), to attend the Remembrance festival, last night. That Jew hating, terrorist appeasing scumbag will soon be consigned to the history books, after he loses his second election in two years. Good riddance to him, is all I can say…

  12. Avatar

    “Ní bheidh Éire gan síocháin riamh.” Lest we forget

  13. Avatar

    Remember your own because nobody else will especially me.

  14. Avatar

    Kate looks like elegant and powerful suits to be a queen

  15. Avatar

    Paid respect and got back under their beloved rock.

  16. Avatar

    Interesting to see that they mark the spot with a chalk. And there's more than thirty spots? Wonder who else will fill the spot, aside from the PM, leader of the main opposition party, a guy in a kilt…

  17. Avatar

    I didn't make it up the street for bread and milk today il have to go tomorrow instead

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Il faut toujours une bonne cause, pour déclencher une guerre. Pourquoi la cause, serait-elle la bonne cause ? La Paix est une bonne cause aussi, elle évite le crime de guerre. Chaque fois, la guerre, s'est déclenchée par un Pays d'Europe. demain est un jour férié 11 novembre. There must always be a good cause to start a war. Why would the cause be the good cause? Peace is a good cause too, it avoids the war crime. Each time, the war was triggered by a European country. tomorrow is a holiday November 11th.

  20. Avatar

    No Prince Andrew? Too busy attending Epstein's funeral.

  21. Avatar

    Harry married a barbaric woman from a barbaric nation.
    The line of Queen s


  22. Avatar

    ♥️ the Queen 🖕to the rest of 'em.

  23. Avatar

    Ah queen of pedos and her loyal subjects

  24. Avatar

    These people/elites couldn't give a toss about the Soldiers lost, they simply use today like a propaganda tool to make it seem like they're always the good guy protecting democracy & peace, when the truth is the complete opposite

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