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Royal family sex assault claim – in United Arab Emirates

Warning: This report contains distressing details of the alleged sexual abuse. (Subscribe:

A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a senior member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates has told this programme she fled the country as soon as she could.

In her first television interview, Caitlin McNamara said she was in the UAE and was meeting Sheikh Nahyan as part of her job as curator of the Hay literary festival.

But she claims that she suffered a serious sexual assault. With little hope of prosecution in the UAE, she now wants the British government to intervene.

Lawyers for the Sheikh have denied the allegations.
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    I doubt this case will go anywhere but well done for standing up to him young lady

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    Just a propaganda to get attention and money. For example many women sue successfull people to get money

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    You love their money, you should also love their abuse.

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    andrew returns

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    I think that shiek was watching too much porn looooool doesn't he know cancel culture will come for him irl crossing borders 😛 now imagine if that 'victim' women was black or Asian I wonder if it would make news.

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    Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel

    Yet another pervert story where the man is rich and powerful.. And will probably get away with it..

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    Horrible & disgusting

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    She assaulted him but he denied her.

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    I wonder why her pupils are so big.

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    What about the singer Duffy saying she was kidnapped and taken to another country, and she was forced to walk behind the man (Muslim, Arab practice)

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