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Row rages between Johnson and Burnham over Manchester Covid tier level

More than twenty eight million people in England are now living under tighter Covid restrictions after a rise in the number of cases.(Subscribe:

The Welsh government is considering a two week national lockdown to stem the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile it’s been revealed that police in England will now be able to request people’s contact details if it’s suspected they’re not complying with self isolation rules.

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    Politicians should be subject to a political libel law enforced by courts in which their promises and manifesto and in Johnson's case, his out and out lies need to be put to the test. If that test is failed there needs to be a recall and a new General Election. This test by courts is a requirement for the campaigns of the up to 4 Referenda p.a in Switzerland and where major inaccuracies are identified, the court negates the result of the vote. Nothing less will stop the liars, now they find they can say literally anything to get an election over a line and worry about the few or no consequences later.

    However dishonest and disingenuous Johnson's claims were in having "an oven ready brexit deal" or an "Oven ready deal for Social Care", the probability is that these will have been long forgotten by the time of the next General Election, over which time Johnson has his unwarranted 80 seat Overall majority. Johnson bluffed and bullied his way into what is practically a dictatorship.

    The BBC, Channel 4, The Electoral Commission, The Courts, the Civil Service, the devolved administrations and possibly the Monarchy will all be changed for the worse to meet his centralising power hungry obsessions as Britain slides bit by bit towards fascism. Lets hope that Biden pouts the brakes on Johnson's manic ambitions in November

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    My respect for Burnham; a figure who had seemed ineffective & time serving; has gone up about 1000%.

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    Anthony's Adventures

    This government have been beyond awful at handling this entire situation.

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    They should make Burnaham work in ICU for a week

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    So, they'll pass people's details on if they suspect they aren't srlf isolating? They can only do that if you use the app. Simple answer don't use the app but if you do then leave your phone at home so they can't track you

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    Which is worse? Covid or this Government?

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    OAN channel just had Doctors in US Speaking out against the suppression of treating and have a web site of actual info on treatment they use, I'm sure it will be removed soon.

    It's all Bullocks!

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    Thanks for the bankrupcy and giving us more of nothing.

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    If ya wanna win, invest in the tecnology used to track ur azz

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    The whole thing farcical now. Literally ZERO confidence in the government or the chief scientist advising them. This was predictable from the start. A half arsed, too late lockdown lead toi to this agonising destruction of our businesses and our social fabric. If there was any justice, Bozo would be in jail. Or worse.

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    Channel 4 like most of the media carefully selecting which interviews with members of the public to show-you don't see any interviews with people who are opposed to the restrictions. This is just propaganda at this point.

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    Just let everyone get it then in 3 months time it will all be over

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    Wakey wakey sheeple, none of the British politicians wear masks in their various parliaments, why do you think that is?

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