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Rosie Perez takes the stand in Harvey Weinstein trial | GMA

The actress confirmed to a New York courtroom her friend Annabella Sciorra told her that she’d allegedly been raped by Weinstein.

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  1. Avatar

    1:40 This is such a lame argument! Often, a victim is too traumatized to reach out to the police!

  2. Avatar

    1:441:45 LOL! The hot mike (mic) that picked up those guys laughing over the "consensual sexual encounters" comment.

  3. Avatar

    Tell the world rosie!😍
    He stooooopid!

  4. Avatar

    This feels so menacing. Like, I was a kid watching these women. “The Accused” is a movie all men should watch. I’m shocked. God have mercy.

  5. Avatar

    Rosie Perez looks 80 in that thumbnail. 😂😂😂

  6. Avatar

    Sounds like it was consensual. Harvey Weinstein might not even be guilty.

  7. Avatar

    Just like Q told us that everyone to face the consequences are going to play the "I am sick to stand trial"role.. another one queen of England..the list will get bigger ,sit and watch..

  8. Avatar

    I wonder if he was broke we would we even be talking about this ……

  9. Avatar

    This is rosie perez biggest role in years…these whores prostitute themselves to get roles so they can become famous then cry foul

  10. Avatar

    Harvey is a scumbag he's horrible but she's money grabbing cunt don't believe anything

  11. Avatar

    Where is " The me too movement on this"?. Oops forgot!, no longer employee.

  12. Avatar

    He’s so damn nasty. I can’t imagine ANYONE having sex with him.🤢🤢🤢

  13. Avatar

    These bitches had their fun now they want the easy money by making false accusations 🤔

  14. Avatar

    Acting like he's dieing walking out of court that's not going to save him he's cooked

  15. Avatar

    Some of this has to be made up. Some came back repeatedly. Some of it was selling their ass for a job. I always thought that was prostitution. Same with Cosby. If I went to jail for buying a female drinks with dinner and then had sex I would be up shit creek to day.

  16. Avatar

    Stuff that walker up his ass

  17. Avatar

    Did you know that ABC approves of having sex with children? One of their reporters did an expose on Jeffrey Epstein over a year ago. ABC chose to NOT air it leaving Epstein to continue having sex with children, some as young as 11 years. That's ABC for you. My heart goes out to the naïve people who believe this Schitt.

  18. Avatar

    I’m sorry but rape is not the same as regret.
    I’ve heard and watched a lot in regards to the Harvey Weinstein case.
    Look, I think a lot of these actresses at the time slept with Weinstein to further their careers. Were they attracted to him at the time? No, probably not. But to years later come out and say they were forced to. No, sorry I simply don’t believe it. I agree, he’s a vile individual who slept with these women because of what he could offer not because he was some good looking guy, that’s a given. In many ways though Weinstein is a victim of the changing times. These women knew exactly what they were doing at the time and slept with a repulsive man because of what he could offer, but to now call it rape? Or sexual assault? No that’s wrong.

  19. Avatar

    They were all on the casting couch willingly now they just want notoriety and money….

  20. Avatar

    Good for her. Incredible courage on the part of these women. Weinstein needs to die in jail after repeated violations…….

  21. Avatar

    I'm postive that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby were the only two guys like that in Hollywood.

  22. Avatar

    The women were not victims, they we prostitutes. They sold access to their body to get into Hollywood.

  23. Avatar

    The truth is none of us will ever know the truth.

  24. Avatar

    Weinstein ( his name have the name We .) We I n s t e I n. One of many names said differently. Say the word We. ( We- I – n- s t e I n ) how you say his name? RSVP

  25. Avatar

    The hand that rocks the cradle is 1 of my fave movies. Annabella ws so gd in it! She didnt deserve this jerk ruining her career ! Piece of garbage. Cnt wait. To see him in prison. He will b hated

  26. Avatar

    If he gets off with zero accountability and no consequences. As in no fines, no jail , no nothing. I hope women around the world Riot and destroy everything!!

  27. Avatar

    OMG I thought he got to my Rosie. I couldn't breathe for a minute. She has always been a role model. And even now she is a model friend and support. Annabella doesn't deserve what he and his is STILL doing to her.

  28. Avatar

    Who was laughing in background near end of video

  29. Avatar

    Who cares!!! This shit dont deserve air time..

  30. Avatar

    Weinstein going method with that walk.

  31. Avatar

    God, how I’d love to kick that walker out from under him & beat the living shit out of him with it!

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