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Room for improvement with test and trace, says Patrick Vallance

Sir Patrick Vallance said there was ‘room for improvement’ with test and trace in the UK as only about two-thirds of the close contacts reached are done so within 48 hours of the case entering the system, according to  performance figures released on Thursday. 
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak presented a new package of government support grants during a televised briefing and also discussed vaccines and local restrictions
UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson gives briefing after chancellor unveils new business support measures

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    Don't download it unless you want to

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    It isnt working. We personally know this! The NHS app tends to work but how many people havent downloaded it?

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    The UK's Coronavirus surge was to be expected given millions of Covidiots and antimask protesters infesting the country.

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    Think 2020 has been challenging get ready for 2021

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    If Germany won the war we’d have flying cars by now

    Instead we have race wars on our streets

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    Joe Biden should be Arrested at the Debate tonight for TREASON ‼️‼️. What say you ⁉️🤔👀

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    If you are so sure you have the correct data, why don't you share it with the unworthy public (very many of whom are turning against the government narrative)?

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    Boring Boris zzzzzzz

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    We need a vaccine not track and trace.

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    Oxford vaccine is a failure.

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    Test and trace brought to you by serco military intelligence

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    Who would have thunk it ?

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    In July the Treasury released the figure of 10bn for cost of track and trace with no breakdown of how that money was spent. What are the actual costs now with breakdown? Projected costs to the end of the pandemic based on their scenario planning which they should be modelling? In July since March 2020 the government had spent 160 billion on tackling Corona Virus! 30 billion OVER the estimate from the Office of Budget Responsibility at that time. Where is the UK budget statement from the Treasury?

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    "It's much more effective when numbers are low" except it wasn't effective when numbers were low because numbers are now high.

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    Lord Custard-Smythe-Smith


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    “Some progress” by severely damaging the economy, people’s futures, children’s education, healthcare for cancer & heart disease cases, throwing 150m people in the third world into extreme poverty, etc., etc. all for a minor self-limiting condition that’s barely any more dangerous than the flu, and which has absolutely zero correlation with unscientific control measures like mask wearing, the rule of six, closure of hospitality & education, etc.. And such progress on the vaccine, with woman on trial dead, and promises it’ll be ready moving further & further into the future. Meanwhile Sweden is doing fine without any of this BS.

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    Criminals .All will come out in the wash.

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    Make somethings work in this pandemic, till now you're sorry for everything… a tiny Country with big issues… you can't fail anymore!

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    I think 'room for improvement' is a slight understatement… Still, not like they spunked 12 billion quid on it, or got a totally unqualified wife of a tory mp to run it or anything.

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    Imagine some ppl surprise when they realise they lost 9 month of their life for nothing.

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