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Missed the live stream? Don’t worry! Just watch our highlights video to catch all the key ROG Phone II action on the IFA stage!

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  1. Avatar

    I wish I could have this much enthusiasm when I do my work haha

  2. Avatar

    ASUS ROG phone broke screen =D

  3. Avatar

    Nice Works But we want gaming Laptops with 2k 144hz IPS with Gsysnc. Display and Lower Noise and ecpecially Temps. Max 60-70°c . Pls Add Best DuoChannel RAMs and best Cooling Paste for the CPU. I bought Scar 3 but sent it back, sorry. It must be able to make a great Laptop. Im waiting for it and trust the ROG team. Btw RGB PerKeyboard and RGBs on Laptop really really like it and Sexy great Job.

  4. Avatar

    NO ANDROID 9 FOR ROG PHONE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    But when will you allow us to preorder in uk , we are in Europe and can’t preorder

  6. Avatar

    I'm sorry Asus but u shouldn't let Taiwanese CEOs to talk on stage. They have really bad English and it's sometimes impossible to understand them

  7. Avatar

    Make give away 🙁 want laptop gaming. @ROG Global

  8. Avatar

    When the ROG PHONE 2 comes to India?

  9. Avatar

    When you turn on your car and forget you had accidentally left the radio on the day before 8:03

  10. Avatar

    Rog 2 ka hal wahi hoga jo rog 1 ka huaa overpriced

  11. Avatar

    Am I the only one who does not know where to buy one in US?

  12. Avatar

    They should change this typical Chinese guy

  13. Avatar

    i am so disappointed. because rog phone 2 ,8 gb ram not launch

  14. Avatar

    now i will buy another phone..its hard for me..

  15. Avatar

    Hey Asus if you could give us some info about a USA release that'd be great.

  16. Avatar

    Can you tell me when rog phone 2 launches in India ??

  17. Avatar

    When in India 🇮🇳 why so late😧

  18. Avatar

    My gtx 1050 get the job done in all aaa games. No need rtx 6000

  19. Avatar

    In China Market with 34999 INR and in global market no 8gb variant and 10gb variant just double of this price….are global markets are joke to Asus 😒😒😒😒

  20. Avatar

    Only 1 tech item shown to help with your health at all times XD Also, why us the volume so quiet?

  21. Avatar

    Asus the best ever.Bulgaria like Asus Republic of gamers.

  22. Avatar

    please sub me, i will sub you…. hope it cheap….

  23. Avatar

    i want it in india..
    please launch it in india in September..
    otherwise i will buy another phone

  24. Avatar

    reply ne sir launch date in India

  25. Avatar

    I want to buy rog phone 2 please launch India but I don't have money

  26. Avatar

    Release the damn crosshair 8 IMPACT PLEASE

  27. Avatar

    Can you tell me when ROG PHONE 2 launch date in India?
    Replay Plzzzzz ….

  28. Avatar

    the Red Magic 3s 885+ top bendmark over the Rog 2 ! release soon

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