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ROG Falchion Wireless Gaming Keyboard- Teaser | ROG

ROG Falchion 2.4 GHz gaming-grade wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with minimalist 68-key layout is the world’s first wireless Aura Sync RGB keyboard. Features include interactive touch panel, keyboard cover case, Cherry MX switches, and up to 400 hour battery life.

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  1. Avatar

    Nice 😍😍

  2. Avatar

    You have done everything right, (at least on paper) but I hope it isn't the case when this is like $150

  3. Avatar

    OTG keyboard! What a time to be alive!

  4. Avatar
    Cooked Karambwan

    rip no tkl version

  5. Avatar

    So many companies joining small keyboards wow

  6. Avatar

    Is dis realised

  7. Avatar
    SGNPTW aka: STG Sunstone DXZ

    asus: announces this new keyboard

    me who just got a scope TKL: visible confusion

  8. Avatar

    too you long enough
    but i know this will be like $110 or something rather the competitive $80 or $85 to rival ducky and or the DIY options that being owning y'all for good some of time now!
    glad y'all and Razer caught up!

  9. Avatar

    Nice to see big companies Razer and Asus now make 60% keyboard. All this while I was depending on AnnePro 2 lol

  10. Avatar

    Wow. Nice Keyboard. I think This Keyboard is Amazing for Typing.

    I don't know. Why I really like this? Because this Keyboard is Amazing for Typing. Sorry, I like using this keyboard for Typing…

  11. Avatar
    Carlos De Bernard

    wireless and with next generacion Aura sync ROM!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Avatar

    I want this does this is in india

  13. Avatar

    I wanna die

  14. Avatar

    if it over a 150 then it a decliney

  15. Avatar

    Me la regalan?

  16. Avatar

    Does this have a russian version ?

  17. Avatar

    cant wait 🙂 just what i was looking for

  18. Avatar

    I wish you would do one like the Rog Chakram, and have a keyboard that offers both wired, and bluetooth and wireless dongle.

  19. Avatar

    I hope it comes with silent red or speed silver switches.

  20. Avatar
    Nick Sparrow Studios

    Imma stick with my Claymore

  21. Avatar

    Is there going to be an azerty version ?

  22. Avatar

    Yo ASUS where is our ROG controller/gamepad? The real ones, not Kunai

  23. Avatar

    This is perfect. Just perfect.

  24. Avatar

    I'm still using the Asus cerberus keyboard and mouse in 2020

  25. Avatar

    Finally! Wireless ROG keyboard! But can it beat my G913? From what I see, this Falchion is really made to be as simple as possible. I don't any dedicated media keys and controls which is a bit of a downer for me. If the wireless can top of be same level as Logitech's Lightspeed, I might consider it. Or you know, make a deluxe version for people like me who prefer full keyboards.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    looks good ;D

  28. Avatar

    ROG= Really Overpriced Gear. xD surely it is $200-400 price range

  29. Avatar

    No numpad. Pass.

  30. Avatar

    Will have USB C?

  31. Avatar

    Razer: release a 60% keyboard recently
    Everyone: WOW first time we have a 60% keyboard made by a big brand that's amazing!

    ROG: am i a joke to you???

  32. Avatar
    Leo Bien Durana

    2020 isn't a bad year after all…

  33. Avatar

    font is waste

  34. Avatar

    Looks good. I hope it will come with white color and wireless Bluetooth 5.1. 😅

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