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ROG Cetra RGB – Rise Above the Noise | ROG

ROG Cetra RGB are USB-C gaming earbuds that support multiple platforms, including mobile phones, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Featuring Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and the innovative Ambient mode, ROG Cetra RGB lets you fully immerse yourself in your games, music and other media without distraction with the ability to let the sounds of the outside world in instantly when needed.

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    Jasmeen kaur 40

    2 comment!!

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    3rd comment

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    Tathagata Chakraborty

    4th one in here

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    I like this Earphone….

  5. Avatar
    Michael Navarro

    Is this a new version or is this the same cetra type c?

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    Badly want this 🔥

  7. Avatar

    Whats the price?

  8. Avatar

    Where to buy RoG Phone 3? You guys just gonna show off then let no one have it?

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    Que belleza de auriculares!

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    mushfiqur rahman raj

    I need rog 3 for review in my channel

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    No wireless Earbuds? Come on, when you remove the Audio Jack you gotta offer some ROG Sweetness in Wireless!

  12. Avatar

    Very bad move to eliminate the headphone jack 😤 stop copying apple please it's useless

  13. Avatar

    Price of the headset

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    [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    Gaming while walking on the streets promo trailer?

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    Георгий Серков

    Госпаде как я хочу их аа

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    Amritpal Singh Bajwa

    Where to buy this in india?

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    The only thing I wish they did was make it so that it would have a detachable mic like the turtle Beach battle buds and I think Cougar made some too simply because you would definitely get better audio when the mic is closer to you then you would with the one that's attached to the cable but it's cool that they went type c and I like the RGB 😏

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    Those headphones r more interesting than the rog phone 3 ..

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    Pretty cool.

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    Fernando Gonzalez Gonzalez

    It has RGB

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    I have the first one and while it's perfect for gaming and audio chats, I'd like to warn everyone that this is horrible when it comes with music and movies. I highly doubt they changed anything on this new iteration apart from making it RGB. Again, it's horrible for music even with enhancements from the software. It sounds too tinny and lacks bass. If you are an audiophile, look for something else. The price is not justifiable when you can only use it for games and chat. Also, active noise cancellation is a marketing gimmick. I guarantee you that it does not do anything.

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    Is it coming to India ????

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    i have one

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    In Road -gaming with no sound . MAD MAD . 😀😀😀😀😀

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