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Robots and Minecraft: How the Class of 2020 Is Graduating | WSJ

The pandemic is forcing schools around the world to postpone or rethink graduation ceremonies. A university in Tokyo is using robots as stand-ins for graduates, while a number of students are creating a virtual world to commemorate one of the most important days of their lives. Photo Composite: Crystal Tai

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    pdf diploma gets corrupted

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    Whatever it might be Proletariat isn't a class already

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    Black Vito - Moneyology

    I like graduating but never been a big fan of the wizard hat though

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    Literally nobody:
    Minecraft and robots Graduation

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    Minecraft graduate

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    Literally nobody

    Minecraft and 🤖 graduation

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    Signs of decline of humanity

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    I’m just getting a regular graduation in July😂

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    It's all fun and good until ender dragon comes and crash the event

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    Here's something you don't see everyday.
    Quite creative actually.

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