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Road to 270: This state could be a 'game over' win for Biden

CNN’s John King breaks down the spending and traveling of President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in the run-up to Election Day. #CNN #News

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    CNN hasn't learned their lesson.

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    You really want him too win get over it we all know who’s really gonna win

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    Hunter Biden sex tapes released on GATEWAY PUNDIT website.
    MUST BE 18

    LIES from Biden 2nd debate:

    Obama care- you can keep your doctor.
    LIE- it was a disaster- ppl lost insurance & rates went sky high

    Said illegals show up for their court date- under Catch & Release
    LIE-Only 5% show up

    Trump medical plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions
    LIE- it does

    Never called young black men predators
    LIE- it’s on video

    He never called Trump xenophobic
    LIE- he DID and it’s on video too.

    Said he never said he was going to end fracking
    LIE -he did MANY times and now it has become campaign ad for Trump
    👋🏽Bye bye Biden wave👋

    He wasn’t able to get things done due to a Republican Congress
    LIE- Dems were the majority

    Taking money from foreign countries
    LIE- China ,Ukraine, Russia

    Said the laptop has been declared Russia misinformation
    LIE- John Radcliffe said it was NOT Russian disinformation.

    Red states have more increased covid cases
    LIE-Blue states actually do

    ⭐️Far far less than 1% of Americans died from covid

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    This is the same guy that trump was going to lose in 2016

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    Hey Obama why you put all the kids in the cages oh yeah biden said that was your fault the truth hurt

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    FAKE NEWS. Hey CNN morons, why won’t you report on the laptop and Biden’s influence peddling scheme??!

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    If Joe Biden comes down with COVID and dies Harris becomes PRESIDENT.

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    Hunter Biden's tapes are released at gtv.org. Warning: Don't watch if you are under 18.

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    This is good news for Biden supporters who are worried about catching the corona virus. Being Biden is so far ahead don’t risk going to the polls and catching corona.

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    cnn jealous of trump

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    That’s what they said last time and look what happened.
    It’s gonna be a RED TSUNAMI!

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    Fake News wow. I don’t get it.

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    biden is a LITERAL F' ING TRAITOR for the chinese against The United States of America, and you in """the media""" ARE ACTIVELY-PARTICIPATING IN MISPRISION-OF-TREASON BY COVERING-UP THE PROVEN-CRIMINALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    President Trump WILL be re-elected, and he is going to ensure that ANYONE and EVERYONE involved in these highest crimes are arrested and prosecuted.

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    I honestly can’t stand either side at this point. The great people of the United States deserves more than 2 choices. Because America is more complicated than just Democrat and Republican and by making it simplistic it’s creating animosity between citizens. Not to mention our watchdogs (like CNN) are only watching the other side and turning a blind eye for there side. It’s sickening. Vote green and turn the tides on these power hungry incompetent fools.

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    It is time to kiss the babies. It is time to remember the black race. It is time to give the usual false promises. It is time to talk about the homeless. Two things I agree with Trump is that the Democratic cities are runned badly. Democratic Party is targeting the black race into poverty and sufferings. If you see who is homeless in San Diego, almost all are blacks. The Housing Commisson of San Diego is well known for making certain type of people homeless.

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    Biden is a puppet of Chinese Communist Party. Biden is a complete liar and traitor to Americans for 77 years! The Chinese Communist Party lied and the Americans died. Bidden wins, the CCP wins!

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    Newest Trump's scandal guys


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    Vote red..these democratic clowns are corrupt as cnn

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    Biden’s America will have
    Social security
    COVID19 under control
    A future for our kids

    Trumps America will have
    No social security
    No healthcare
    COVID19 vaccine to the highest bidder
    No future for our kids.

    Feel desperate? Good. Stay that way and fight!

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    Keep BSing CNN. You keep lying, lying and lying.

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    They already knew they will lose election , so they just play mental stupid political game . In hope, some weak minded voters will jump in on their boat n vote for demonrat . But now Americans are stronger , smarter in2020. Trump of course will be US president for second term .🇺🇸🙏🏻👍😍

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    I love CNN this time ,not before, thanks

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    Please just give facts and keep your opinions to yourself. Above all, don’t express your opinion as fact. You have one job and you are failing through bias. It has turned me against the party I’ve loved and supported up until now. Shameful.

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    that poor woman should get some serious sleep soon

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    Guys don’t trust this prediction. Campaign $ doesn’t make you president

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