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Road to 270: Biden leading in these battleground states

CNN’s John King examines the state of the race eight days out from Election Day with Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden leading in key battleground states.

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    Biden:c'mon man, I'm winning…
    CNN:in our dreams sir..

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    Chris Cuomo confronted over joking with brother about covid test swabs

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    Chris Cuomo confronted over joking with brother about covid test swabs

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    CNN , who trust your poll, LOL, LIE LIE LIE, LIE, you did it 4 years ago, just shut up and go home

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    With amy coney barret now in Supreme Court, and the only state joe might win is Delaware 😆 maybe.

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    Biden wants to end the oil industry TEXAS FOR TRUMP 2020

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    대한민국의 암덩어리 홍어

    Those who live in fantasy, hoping only for their own luxury and money, follow the socialists in the mask of democracy.
    Those who want peace in the world and stability of the country and want a harmonious family prefer the Republican Party of free competition.

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    Keep Dreaming "Democrats" / TRUMP 2020!

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    They want to spread this misinformation that Joe Biden is winning so when Trump wins they can say he rigged the election

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    Trump = Screwed!

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    Make sure to vote for trump guys, we all know he doesn’t want to be president, let’s make sure he has 4 more years of hell!

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    C-h-e-c-k our shocking n-e-w-s about b-I-d-e-n on g-n-w-es or g-t-v

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    CNN? Democrats' psychological warfare. Hahahaha

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    Reels of Fortune Slots Play

    All I can say is that I voted… Please join me in doing the same….

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    Lol, they don’t even try to pretend to be unbiased anymore…

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    Francisco Alvarez

    At this point it’s pretty much over for Trump, media don’t want to say it because of 2016 but there were factors in play back then that made the polls inaccurate with some demographics.

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    Let Biden win for now but not after Nov3rd

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    Good luck Biden/Harris, good luck democrats, good luck America! You HAVE TO take your country back from the grip of the THUGS!

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    Gonna be civil war in less than a month

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    Such lies CNN stop lying – TRUMP 2020

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    Trump winning

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    Good Bye Don 👋

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    WE need to .see Biden's LAPTOP

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    Your boy Biden can't remember Trump's name it seems, he referred to Trump as GEORGE twice; as in, George Bush…… Let's see, you would want a President who can't remember what State he's in on most days. A man who can't remember his wife's name, he called her her sisters name; and now, he called Trump, George, twice……? I guess once he has his hands on the the nuclear football, you know, the little suitcase the presidents get in case of a nuclear war, they can launch the missiles against the enemy…… I can see him now, saying, what's these buttons do, let's push them to see…… What a choice you Marxists made for your leader, lol…….. You hate Trump so much, you'd rather pick an alshimers patient to run the country, make critical decisions, that are in some case's, life or death…… To bad all of you weren't aborted, maybe this country would be a better place…….

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    That map looks a might bit familiar… Oh I'm gonna watch the election on the young turks. I got five bags of popcorn and two bottles of champagne! LOL

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    Polls don't matter. The only thing that matters is what happens on Nov 3rd. VOTE, VOTE & VOTE. VOTE in person if you can. If you can't, put your mail-in-ballot in an OFFICIAL USPS drop box.

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    I wish trump is win

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    Biden's a team player he won't pretend to know everything like Agent Orange

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