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Risking her life every day hunting for landmines – BBC News

Paola Sanchez is 24 years old and risks her life every day, finding and deactivating landmines after five decades of conflict in Colombia.

Many of the mines were laid by Farc rebels who, until recently, were engaged in a violent war with the government over land and power.

Video produced by Sophie Eastaugh and Trystan Young.

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    The minesweeper trailer for the ps6 and xbox one xxxtentacion looks beyond godlike.

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    Imagine putting a mine down and then you forget where you put your own mine 😂

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    cant we just send a couple of flail tanks to deal with the mines.

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    The BBC scour the whole world to find a Whamen or none White that does something ……🤡🤡

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    Such a brave girl. May God bless her.

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    Men have been doing this for decades, can't remember you ever giving them any coverage. Sexist pc society we live in

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    Fuckin propaganda, we Americans will never unit with south fuckin America, you can tell that to Bono too.

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    I would have hit gold by now not bombs.

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    God gives the weak, strength and courage.

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    It is sad, pathetic and scary how ill equipped she (they) are. What she is wearing will not help her ONE BIT if she ever has a bad day. SOME COUNTRY (USA!!?) SHOULD GIVE THEM REAL BOMB DISPOSAL SUITS like our EOD use!!

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    Should make the Muslims who put them there go and walk on them 🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕

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    This girl is more safer doing this job that job than walking the streets of London where Stabbings and Gang Rape is a Daily normal

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    I'm sending prayers out to all over there and the workers 🙏

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    Islamophobia does not exist in Britain. Islamophillia does -The government, police, social services and judiciary want Muslim rape gangs covered up. That's why a citizen journalist who highlights the truth is in Belmarsh today. It's all part of the globalist plan for white genocide of Europe. Wake up.

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    No way could I do that job.she's got more balls than me and I'm a man

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    Jeffery Epstein and the Clinton body count ….report that

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    I'm risking my life every day…

    I live in Londonistan

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    This Woman's a real hero and at least we can comment unlike on the video about those poor women in Afghanistan. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown should be on trial at The Hague for doing this to them:

    They were happy to be liberated by the "great superpower" and hoped for a civil Society to match but:

    Blair commanded "we must respect their religion," put British army in the valley instead of on the high ground and Brown commanded them out on street Patrol so these poor women saw their Heroes getting their arms and legs blown off at the same time as women being beaten on the street for not dressing to Taliban dress code.

    The very people we thought we had liberated them from – the religious extremists – were apparently all who were considered in that statement "their religion"

    Tony Blair's religious extrem of sacrificing these women to satisfy his notion of holy should be on trial at the Haigh?

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    I always thought that dealing with mines is easy. Just throw a ball at them from a far to trigger then.
    Or use a 10m long stick to trigger then

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