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Rising Covid cases in Carlisle lead to some patients being transferred miles away

Carlisle has seen some of the sharpest rises in Covid rates in England. (Subscribe:

One of the reasons, according to the director of public health in Cumbria, is that many people there simply cannot afford to stop work and self-isolate.

Mounting cases have meant Carlisle’s hospital has had to transfer some patients to Newcastle and across the border into Scotland.

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    Francisco Zurbaran

    More propaganda, not to forced or coerced vaccines.

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    The sheeple must be delusional to still believe any of this carp

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    Bullshit !!!!!

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    I explain the efficacy and safety of the new COVID Vaccine! Have a look!

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    THERE IS NO VALID TEST TO DETECT SARS-COV-2, neither antibody or antigen tests nor RT-PCR. And we included those based on the supposed gene that codes for the S1 or spike protein. And that means that ALL THE NUMBERS OF "CASES", "INFECTED", “SICK", "Asymptomatic" OR "DEAD DUE TO COVID-19" LACK A SCIENTIFIC BASE AND ALL “POSITIVES” ARE FALSE POSITIVES.

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    Pretty much Scotland is Carlisle so leave it to that sturgeon to sort it out

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    john whitton is my grandad and meredith is my auntie 🥺 x

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    That is so awful not being allowed to sit with her granddad. I lost my mum to covid but the ward at Boston let me sit with her in full PPE. I then self isolated for 14 days. I was able to provide a video link on my phone to relatives and friends for them to say goodbye to her. As an only child, having lost my dad 3 years ago, I will be forever grateful to them for allowing me those last hours with her. Is it a lack of trust that the visitors will not self isolate afterwards that stops some hospitals allowing people their last hours with a loved one?

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    You insisted on celebrating Christmas together in groups of eight and across family generations , this is sadly the price you pay for it.

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    taresy6789pp Pang

    covid 2019- try dark chocolate high levels of zinc that blocks rnrdp good luck

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    Zero hours contracts should be BANNED. It's wrong.

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    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Massively over emotional reporting. Its total psyop propaganda. Yes there is a virus but this reporting obscenely exploits its.

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