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Rio de Janeiro’s beaches fill up as COVID restrictions ease

The death toll in Brazil is approaching 150,000.
Despite rising infection rates, Rio de Janeiro’s mayor is easing restrictions, by opening cinemas, theatres and schools.
Many people are ignoring the regulations that are still in place and have crowded public spaces, seeking work and play.

Al Jazeera’s Monica Yanakiew reports from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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  1. Avatar

    Okay. Good luck have fun brazilian.

  2. Avatar

    God I love Brazilian women on beaches – good luck but least had utter pleasures seeing some of the delicious Brazilian peaches

  3. Avatar

    The only country that’s doing this the right way

  4. Avatar

    fique forte e fique seguro tudo 🤘

  5. Avatar

    Africa here we have serious congestio and basically zero social distancing in towns yet our death rates are very low , we have a high population of mostly fit youth and the viruses and diseases our immune systems are exposed to and used to dealing with makes covid 19 a piece of cake for a our bodies to handle hence our low death rate months despite experts predicting there would be hundreds of thousands of dead and dying folks here by now

  6. Avatar

    So I'll give it a week before Rio goes into lock down due to a severe spike in covid cases

  7. Avatar

    Zero social distance. No good.

  8. Avatar

    The government said they can only stay in water and not in the sand but they aren't penguin or fishes.

  9. Avatar

    Be safe Brazil..

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    I'm sorry, but GOD promised "Israel" to the jewish people (In the Bible & Torah) and "Al-Aqsa Mosque" (Islam) is a place in heaven and not in Jerusalem! Jerusalem don't mentioned even once in the book of Islam (The Quran) Jerusalem belongs to the jews and the "third temple" should be build in the "temple mount" in Jerusalem, Israel…..

  11. Avatar

    Easing lockdown makes people go crazy

  12. Avatar

    The world going down

  13. Avatar
    mahadzir abd karim

    Just stay at home

  14. Avatar

    Coronavirus isn't real. Donald Trump has confirmed this.

  15. Avatar

    India, US, Brazil have common problem: leader who doesnt believe that covid exists

  16. Avatar

    Brazil health care just want to kill more people
    They shouldn't be any lockdown!
    Fake COVID fake numbers

  17. Avatar

    Some countries are simply incapable of controlling this. The only upside is that the state of Sao Paulo is getting the Chinese vaccine late in December. There's just no way a country this chaotic could ever suppress this virus. Especially not with such a leader who is essentially a Trump wannabe.

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