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Rhetoric vs. Reality: Is Trump Still The Law And Order Candidate? | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Simone Boyce breaks down President Trump’s law and order messaging and compares it to his actions and policies.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Rhetoric vs. Reality: Is Trump Still The Law And Order Candidate? | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    That color looks good on her.

  2. Avatar

    I vote for sleepy Joe,is a vote for socialism,no freedom of speech,no police Protection,no oil industry jobs and owned by China 🇨🇳

  3. Avatar

    God Bless our Awesome President Trump!
    Creepy Corrupt Cunning Obama and Biden Team!

  4. Avatar

    No he's never been, it's just another random b.s. he talks as usual . All this social unrest and violence is happening during he's regime. If anything the history books will remember him as the president against law and order.

  5. Avatar

    No he is never been law and order he is the violence instigator and he believes on braking the law to get what he wants

  6. Avatar

    Trump wouldn't know LAW and ORDER if these words were staring him in the face.

  7. Avatar

    Doesn't Trump realize that he is against 'peaceful protesting" looting burning, assaulting store owners and assaulting cops. They were wearing masks so they are following state law. Trump must love chaos!

  8. Avatar

    Flying the flag 🇺🇸 and holding the Bible, God bless America.

  9. Avatar

    Is he just as tough on his own crimes?

  10. Avatar

    How can a CROOK be law and order ?

  11. Avatar

    So NBC was an anti trump channel.

  12. Avatar

    He doesn’t follow the laws. How can he be for law and order?!

  13. Avatar

    The US top criminal is "tough on crime"?

  14. Avatar
    Purple Flame Tarot

    "I know words.. I have the best words." And that's all he's got.

  15. Avatar

    NBC ABC CNN are in bed with liberal politicians they’re all getting kickbacks to suppress information from us they’re all corrupt do you research don’t be brainwashed

  16. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020!!! Trump is going to win big so please don't go out and riot and hurt innocent people because you can't handle your party losing. Stop being party worshippers. Even you communist nuts benefit from Trump's policies. No Democrat is going to help you build up your 401K or keep your freedom of speech if you say something they don't approve of.

  17. Avatar

    Most of them have to do with the Double Standards initiated by the Dems!

  18. Avatar

    Except in the trump family and admin. Police are under trained, overly funded and corrupt. We all know the latter is true. Police have way too much power and way too little accountability

  19. Avatar

    Democrats you're funny, you don't like money!!

  20. Avatar

    Race baiting commie propaganda

  21. Avatar

    Give up, Biden is done.


  22. Avatar

    He doesn't obey any laws himself, but he thinks we all should.

  23. Avatar

    He is running from the law. He is using Barr as his personal lawyer.

  24. Avatar

    If Trump Wins I may just join or start a group like ANTIFA.

  25. Avatar

    Holding bible backwards and upside down!

  26. Avatar

    No more Trump end his free ride back to his golden toilet throne

  27. Avatar
    The BronyCrafters

    I dun get it. Like the prisoner of law and order?

  28. Avatar

    trump is Biden's trump card _😏_/
    trump speaking is his own defeat

  29. Avatar

    I remember when he spoke in front of police officers and suggested not only should they not use their hand to protect the heads of suspects, but they should rough them up a bit.

  30. Avatar

    Trump is tiny very tiny vocabulary.

  31. Avatar

    Tump wants to devide the country. Vote him out

  32. Avatar

    He can't be a "law and order" president when breaking the law is his personal norm.

  33. Avatar

    Wisdom of the great Ronald Reagan: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?
    Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago?
    Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago?
    Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? "

  34. Avatar

    I think trump should binge watch the entire law and order.

  35. Avatar

    Yeah, trump just LEFT his Covid rally followers in Omaha, NE at the Airport in FREEZING and SNOWY weather !! He flew away and left them to FREEZE! 7 People wound up in the hospital due to hypothermia.. Yeah, he loves his followers, so he leaves them to DIE in the Cold, LITERALLY.. Bussed in and left to die! These are HIS Voters!!! Yeah,,,,, let that sink in for a while… Women and Children, left to Freeze! How can ANY HUMAN vote for someone who can be so cruel >??

  36. Avatar

    The worst of creatures!Law and order is not a slogan to hide under for such inept leadership!!

  37. Avatar

    whole tree of bad police through out the land , needs to be uprooted.

  38. Avatar

    Trump talks the talks, but he never walks the walks.

  39. Avatar

    DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL.. PLEASE, use a Drop Box or vote in Person, wear your mask, bring a chair, umbrella, snacks, and a drink.. It is that important to get rid of trump.. Vote BLUE, Down Ballot !! It is NOT about Dems vs Reps, it is about doing the Right Thing! ***God Bless!*

  40. Avatar

    Trump: I am your Law and Order Candidate….
    Unless you donate to my campaign, then I will look the other way.

  41. Avatar

    Trump lost the legitimacy and credibility to govern when he decided to divide the Amwrican republic!

  42. Avatar

    Alternative facts= propaganda

  43. Avatar

    Sociopaths build castles in the sky……….. Trump lives in those castles

  44. Avatar

    Biden Harris 2020 !

    Impeached Russian asset Individual one aka plague carrier is a criminal homicidal maniac fascist racist. TRE45ON 229000 deaths 5 days bunker boy. Crimes against humanity !

  45. Avatar

    Tremendous Trump — Let's find someone who graduated from Trump University?
    Let's find someone helped by Trump's charity fund?
    The emoluments clause is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value.

  46. Avatar

    The clown King of Covid thinks he understands law and order. That will be useful when the landslide of lawsuits begin. Lets see who the rats are. It is criminal, to what the King of Covid has done to the country and it's citizens.

  47. Avatar

    Under the disguise of "Law and Order", QAnold is trying to build up his own private police as dictators do.

  48. Avatar
    Grunthos The Flatulent!

    Well, he is tough on crime, half the crooks who worked for him are in jail now…

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