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Restaurant owner punished for opening door on a hot day speaks out on 'Tucker'

NYC restaurant owner Jacob Green explains why he was given a citation by the city on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    That scumbag would have been D E A D before he hit the ground and then never found along with his summons.
    Syonara… 👋

  2. Avatar

    It’s possible they were targeted for being Jewish. Di blasio and Cuomo are bigots and hate the Jewish community

  3. Avatar

    The Democrats want businesses to fail and cities to fail. They want Trump out of office and want control.

  4. Avatar

    Where I am the restaurants can serve indoors and they only check for cleanliness as they should. There is a 10 PM curfew which I find unfair, seeing as its purpose seems to be aimed at social smokers in the hookah venues, not healthy eaters in spacious smoke free restaurants

  5. Avatar

    just move out of that commie state

  6. Avatar

    USSR is back, comrades!!!

  7. Avatar

    I would fight it. This is a blatant attack on civil liberties. The mayor and governor need to be gone. A show of Socialism taking control.

  8. Avatar

    punch out that goof giving a ticket

  9. Avatar

    Because these cities are ran by communist damacrat Chinese party . What do you expect people. VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS. MAKE AMERICA GREAT PEOPLE

  10. Avatar

    Leave New York there bunch of psycho bastards

  11. Avatar

    I can't believe we are already living in a CCP style tyranny in America! How can we allow this to happen in our society? Second American Revolution will again happen if this stupidity doesn't stop.

  12. Avatar
    O’Reilley Duncaire

    Welcome to communism New York!!! Next, they will be taking your kids away, confiscating your business & bank accounts, and tossing you in jail for some bogus illegal ordinance!!!
    So, what are you going to about it; elect another communist Democrat???!!!

  13. Avatar

    Yo man …. Obama made me laugh tonight. Lmaooooooooooo. We need more young presidents. Not 70 years old. My man said Bejing Barry. Rofllllllllllllllllllllll

  14. Avatar

    Listen and learn.
    Plead NOT GUILT and demand the judge give you a 7th Amendment Jury Trial. Say, 'I do not waive my inalienable right to a non-corporate 7th Amendment jury trial'. Sign all papers: I do not waive any of my inalienable Constitutional rights. And write your name in cursive, 'ONLY'.

    I've done this 3 times, 1985, 2015, 2019. Each time the charges were dropped before the trial was to start or jury selection.

    Note: once, they gave me 2 pretrials. It seems there has not been a non-corporate 7th Amendment jury trial in the USA in Decades, maybe since 1871.
    Note: I never hired a lawyer or had one appointed. The, 'you have the right to legal counsel', is in the US CODE, 'NOT', the Constitution. If you agree to, 'counsel', you waive your 7th Amendment. The BAR plays word games. Be careful. Do not refuse counsel or accept counsel. Simply state: I do not waive any of my inalienable Constitutional rights.

    Jury selection: The judge is probably a Mason. Get as many of your, 'peers', on YOUR jury. The court will try and, 'stack', the jury.

    Long live the constitution. Bring VETS to your hearing. If the judge commits treason and throws you in jail for not, 'playing' his game, you now have the perfect alibi for when the judge meets his treasonous Waterloo.

  15. Avatar

    ººWhen you exhale through a mask you can feel your own breath being blown into your eyes.
    If you are exhaling the virus, it's quite likely back into your own eyes.
    The only thing that a mask does is show compliance, obedience, gullibility and submission.

  16. Avatar

    Forget you crusty dusty upset no humor people.

  17. Avatar

    ººThe one massage that God conveys to man through the Bible more then any other message is… Do not be afraid. Fear Not is in the Bible 365 times.

  18. Avatar

    NYC Demoncrat Government is sooooo out of control and soooo desperate for $$$$$ …. they are fhucking over the citizens who WORK for a living!!!! Vote Republican and Vote Trump 2020 🇺🇸😂🇺🇸😂🇺🇸

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    It seems as though NYC wants all businesses to shut down. Sad

  21. Avatar
    Life in Washington

    If you know someone thats voting for a democrat you must admit that that person is a traitor to our country and is a useful idiot, Google it. Try love one time, two times, three times but when that fails you are to judge that person according to Christians standards and do whats best. God bless.

  22. Avatar

    In Sweden restaurants and business remained open throughout the epidemic. All good there now.

  23. Avatar

    If Biden wins this will happen all over

  24. Avatar

    This man's a hero for not dropping an F bomb on live TV.
    He wants to. I get it.

  25. Avatar

    This is really sad. Democrats have taken Covid too far. I hope more people speak up and fight for their rights. Trump 2020!

  26. Avatar

    wow thats really sad….

  27. Avatar

    This is the insane mayor of nyc

  28. Avatar

    Charge them with treason and start setting examples.

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