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Reshuffle: Chancellor Sajid Javid resigns – BBC News

The Chancellor Sajid Javid has resigned without warning in the middle of the Prime Minister’s reshuffle – after Boris Johnson ordered him to fire his team of advisers if he wanted to stay in the post. Mr Javid refused to do so, saying “no self-respecting minister” could accept such a condition. He has walked out four weeks before he was due to deliver his first Budget. His replacement as Chancellor is Rishi Sunak, who’s had a meteoric rise. The Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith was one of several government ministers sacked in the reshuffle.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Economics Editor Faisal Islam and Ireland Correspondent Chris Page.

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  1. Avatar

    Uaoooo Things change
    So Quickly my Goodness
    Well it is what it is. Welfare Guys♥️

  2. Avatar

    Maybe he will get a hair transplant and come back.

  3. Avatar

    Sajid is most intelligent, experienced & intellectual person with capabilities far exceeding his colleagues even PM & has sacrificed big salary to serve countries, some other MPs replaced are with new incapable people !
    Its not only adverse for conservatives but for Britain ,such a shame !

  4. Avatar

    I never understand why journalists shout out awkward questions across Downing Street, it looks ridiculous and they never answer you.

  5. Avatar

    5 more years of this “leadership” Cummings whispering in Johnson’s ear like Rasputin and the Tsar.

  6. Avatar

    Why should an unelected Cummings dictate the team the elected MP as Chancellor gets to use? Why bother with an MP in that position, just let Cummings choose the Chancellor from his team himself?

  7. Avatar

    His Fait BREXIT REMEMBER ⚔👁👁🔴

  8. Avatar

    The ones that control the hired guns are the Boss and that goes for all countries and yes it’s kinda Fucked up 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic piece of ethnic cleansing…..long may it continue

  10. Avatar

    I wouldn't want to live near 10 Downing either.

  11. Avatar

    Shamina Began should be allowed back in the UK. UK citizenship is a human right! Other countries don't take citizenship away! UK is a racist colonialist country. UK citizens with dual citizenship are as British as anyone else! UK ignoring Human Rights! Repeating history.

  12. Avatar

    I like Sajid Javid, he is clearly an intelligent man and would have continued to be a capable chancellor imo. However, just like the rest of us, you do what the boss tells you to do, and with the majority Boris has, he is very much the boss. What Boris says, goes. End of story. We can vote him out in four years if we disagree, that’s how our democracy works.

  13. Avatar

    Even those birds are perched for a cabinet interview.

  14. Avatar

    Such a monumental achievement, the BBC never mentioned Julian Smith until he was sacked…

  15. Avatar

    He has more hair than integrity

  16. Avatar

    The ROYALTIES are scared shitless the trump tran is coming to knock them out

  17. Avatar

    Lets be part of the awakened public warriors kill a paedophile

  18. Avatar

    Typical BBC !!!

    ".,… ENTIRE Team ". = 4 people !!!

  19. Avatar

    So our new chancellor, head of the treasury, responsible for all economic and financial matters, is ex Goldman Sachs, an investor/hedge fund manager with a billionaire father in law who undoubtedly helped make him the multi-millionaire he is.
    Even if BJ doesn't take full control of the position and leave Sunak a puppet, how could we expect him to have the interests of the common British people? Does he even know what they are? Or will he just have the outlook of most investors and maximise personal profits.

  20. Avatar

    Don,t like Tories but this man ,I respect and he did what's right ,he's got morality ECT unlike pm.

  21. Avatar

    Maybe Dominic has been telling Boris to play a 'relaxation music' track to help Boris sleep well for several months now and today he has reaped the rewards as the mind programming has fully kicked in

  22. Avatar

    One Indian to replace another…good on you UK.

  23. Avatar

    I'm so glad I live in the USA. These countries are 200+ years behind.

  24. Avatar

    Boris has always dreamed of being King so he is just making sure his subjects know where power resides…

  25. Avatar

    This isn’t news the real BOMBSHELL NEWS is that the Obama administration has been accused of giving the Russians the hyper sonic missile technology. BBC why aren’t you investigating!!!

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Fully expenses paid now the treasury pot will probably go empty and they will blame it on Brexit mr Dominic Cummings, Boris will definitely claim travel, subsistence, entertainment and hospitality, gifts and other expenses without any restrictions now.

  28. Avatar

    This will not be the real reason for his step down.
    Anyone who thinks it is the truth is a fxxking easily brainwashed idiot.

  29. Avatar

    God bless Great Britain. MAKE CHRIST FIRST AGAIN in Britain, or pay.

  30. Avatar

    Though I cannot stand that disgusting bigot Javid and I'm glad to see him going, the new chancellor Rishi Sunak is an even worst vermin than him. A self absorbed coldblooded cretin, as dangerous as the rest of the evil tories. But no one is as pathetic and dangerous as bozo the Ignorant. We now have our own orange agent, as cancerous as radioactive waste.

  31. Avatar

    This is crazy. Is this anywhere near normal?

  32. Avatar

    These people must be very busy because they walk faster than anyone that I have ever met

  33. Avatar

    What are number 10 and number 11? What does that mean?

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