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Rescuers search for survivors after powerful earthquake hits Turkey and Greece

Rescue teams are working through the night searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake hit Turkey and Greece, killing at least 14 people. (Subscribe:

The tremor brought buildings crashing down and set off tidal waves, which slammed into coastal areas and islands.

The earthquake struck just before 3pm local time, registering a magnitude of up to 7.0 and was centred in the Aegean Sea at a depth of around ten miles.

It was felt along the coastal areas of both Turkey and Greece, with the coastal province of Izmir and the Greek island of Samos hardest hit.
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    Well the Armenian are praying hard. Or maybe the French

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    Quality building ! 😉

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    Mendes Gabriel jr.

    Another explosion?!?

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    2020 is wild, condolences to Greece and Turkey.

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    Turkey: Allah is not happy with Macron and France. You are crusader infidels. The beheadings, while awful, could be considered historical revenge
    Allah: I just farted on Erdogan.

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    Good news about Turkey getting hit. Am I right? High 5

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    Maybe it was trumps fault. Or maybe it was Russia

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    I just left Greece

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    wow so sorry for everyone in Turkey and Greece

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    #boycott_turkish_goods Thoughts and prayers with French victims of islamic attacks

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    Wow..its like.god is.trying to tell them and china.something

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