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Republican voter says Trump is taking down the whole ticket in this swing state

President Donald Trump is affecting more that just the presidential race this year. Republican Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), is facing a tough reelection campaign in part due to her close ties to the President. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports.
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    What I admire most about Republicans is that they Never run Out of Lies….

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    Vote Biden 2020 for higher taxes, vote like your life depends on it!

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    And yet Democrats keep killing patriotic Americans in the streets, not a word about Denver, shame on fake news CNN!

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    Only Dead Fish Follow the Stream

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    And hillary has a 99% chance of being elected. You fools just can’t accept reality. Keep up a good front. You will have another four years to continue your temper tantrum.

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    A vote for Donald Trump is an ignorant vote

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    What do you think, is Trump lier or bullshitter (I mean Harry G Frankfurt definition of BS) ?

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    Stardust Stardust

    Joni backed by thugs. Great photo op.

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    I put my ballot in the mailbox this morning mail was delivered to neighbors I had the flag up that there is mail to go but 3:30pm 3 hours after is here the ballot was not picked up. I live in deep in the desert NW of Tucson. If it's still there in the morning I'll just bring it to a drop box in the city.

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    We are concerned about law and order the president is first in that list. Blind beliefs in Authority Is the Greatest Enemy of Truth.

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    Down with Dopey Trump and the stupid do nothing Republicans they have done nothing for this country except run it into the ground they have no feelings for the American people they don't care if we're homeless out of work they go home every night to their million dollar Manson so why should they care time has come for a big change in Washington the democrats have passed their covid-19 bill and its for the American people to help get us though this horrible time that Dopey Trump has given us i say that every death in this country is on him why do I say that cause he lied to us about how bad it was and then he called it fake news and a hoax and people didn't take it seriously and that's why Biden Harris make America America again

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    Stay Informed Everyone! come check out our interviews. You will enjoy the content!

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    Trump is going crazier than ever before

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    GOOD vs evilWe all know the major networks&sm are owned&CONTROLLED by the SWAMP/CABAL/Elite/etc! SO WHY are they all(nbc,cbs,msnbc,abc,cnn)putting down Donald Trump??

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    showahs purple inc

    President Donald Trump is definitely on the ball. I know this, and i can see it, and i am all the way from Jamaica.

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    Ernst is a phony ag welfare queen.

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    Trump is running in all directions at the same time

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    Burn'n Down the house

    I told everyone he was faking the corona virus, what would you expect from a liar.. his staff are lying also.. bunch of freaks brainwashing the poor passive lambs.

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    Republicans need to understand it is not Trump alone who is dragging them down. The GOP has refused to do their duty during this entire election cycle. They have refused to hold Trump accountable, they have purposefully and intentionally aided and abetted his criminal activities thinking a day of reckoning would never come. But that day is coming. Defeat is coming. Accountability is coming. We are coming.

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    Vote Biden in. If he's as stupid as Trump or if he sleeps on his job, vote him out in 2024.

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    Remember the access hollywood tape came out before last election? Just replay that this story is lame

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    I am happy Trump bringing Ernst down the toilet…even weeks before election day.

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    YOU are being PROGRAMED what to Think and to watch violence on tv,etc,etc! THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

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    Aight so I just had to go through so much right-wing video's comment section I genuinely just typed in "CNN" to look at some comments from people with actual common sense……..I wanna cry with happiness……I never wanna look at a right-wing comment section again…….

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    The party has split.
    Republicans &

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    If you all people do not vote against trump made God help you all in America

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    Russian trolls working overtime on this thread. Putin must be worried his assett is losing. Good.

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    Truth about Joe 🤣
    Check it out. Your future

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    <<>> C-Virus World Winner COUNTRY HERO should be carefully assessed, less "unwise politics", to save a million lives: Singapore: Total death 27, prolonged Zero Daily death, Fatality Rate 0.05 (v. U.S. 2.75)]. Assessing is experimental, not final, but its aim, scope and use can save the lives of a million in various countries, especially of nursing-homes, care-centers remnants, etc. Dedicated funds ['stimulus' too?] aimed to save life at new, high-quality, fresh-air areas motels, hotels, tent-cities, to stop or induce-reduce-cut extant high-fatality-rates.
    Various new regulations may apply, like Much-Wider-Distancing, No visitors, Best-Food-Medicine, etc. – Partly cared by [same?] care givers?
    Of course many would fast reply, as already done to early versions: — "a summer dream" — "a Russian-type-concentration camps — wait for cure, red tape, or cite the latest bad news: The C-Virus can survive on banknotes, glass and stainless steel for up to 28 days at room temperature, researches in Australia just published. <Enough said>

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    Why don't you guys ask the Trump people to explain their health care plan! Stop asking if Democrats are going to "pack" the courts, that's what Trump has been doing a for three yesrs and none of judges are Black. The Amy woman is addition to the "pack"!

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    Trump is running this country like he runs his businesses

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    2)THE media is controlled by the elite/cabal/swamp/deep state,etc-WHY are they putting D.TRUMP down&totally ignoring his ACCOMPLISHMENTS?

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    Thank god for stupid people, God is good indeed.

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    Radical left wing Joe Biden voter shoots man in his face killing him in front of his son yesterday in Denver. Not a single word fromm CNN

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    Second truth about joe….
    Your future choise ? Facts do matter

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    despicable?? deplorable?? hillary was right

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