Home / News / Rep McCarthy calls Pelosi's reaction to Trump coronavirus diagnosis 'disgusting'

Rep McCarthy calls Pelosi's reaction to Trump coronavirus diagnosis 'disgusting'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., discusses President Trump’s health condition and developments on Russian intelligence.

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  1. Avatar

    We know all this. Now what's going to happen about it?………………………….NOTHING as usual!

  2. Avatar

    Get rid of Nancy,period!she is disrespectful,rude,a liar,an a traitor

  3. Avatar

    Trump worried about others!!! When did that happen????? Yes everyone has watched how Trump has refused to wear masks, and Dr Trump treatments, yes the world does watch this fool… So Fox propaganda is still blaming Hillary and Obama for winning the election!!! They Do not spend the same amount of effort trying to find out who Trump owes money too… Why he owes money to the IRS, and $470 million that due soon. Oh no The public dosn't need to know that..

  4. Avatar

    Pelosi acts like she goes into convulsions from hate.

  5. Avatar
    Tamira Williamson

    Pelosi needs to be voted out. what a witch!!

  6. Avatar

    love you pres. Trump…

  7. Avatar

    So when do you bring charges of TREASON on clinton…obama ..brennan comey biden…etc..?
    When? There's your proof!

  8. Avatar

    She is the most toxic politician I can remember in my 47 years. She has to go away.

  9. Avatar

    Shame on Pelosi, her hate has driven her to insanity, she is NOT a leader she incites violence and hate every time she opens her mouth. Thank you Kevin, from a fellow Californian who is very proud to have you as a leader of the Republican House Minority. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🗽❤️

  10. Avatar

    Love President Trump and The First Lady. Praying they get better real soon and asking God for protection over them and their team and the entire family. Love you and wishing you well…

  11. Avatar

    Claudia Conway, the daughter of former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, on Sunday revealed that she has coronavirus in a video posted to TikTok.

    “Hey guys currently dying of covid,” she captioned a video on the social media platform.

    Kellyanne Conway announced on Friday that she had contracted COVID-19, tweeting: “Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19

  12. Avatar

    Now if They don’t go after all these traitors and arrest hillary for treason and barack obama and all the co conspirators we the people have to rise up and we take back this country. Looks like the deep state will not be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  13. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi, I have a petition for you, or your nephew Gavin Newsom. Pleaseeeee, do your work in CALIFORNIA, for example, the fires, and all the areas in Los Angeles full of garbage, We pay our taxes and we still live in the dirt.

  14. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi ….. just an evil person, she should try taking care of the people who keep putting her in office…

  15. Avatar

    Pelosi is a "Fallen" Catholic-that is a Catholic in name only. She will have a lot to explain for when she meets St. Peter at the gates of heaven… And Schumer, he is dealing with his own demons. Very, very sad people!!

  16. Avatar

    Pelosi's need a behaviour modification . She has created hate culture amongs americans

  17. Avatar

    God bless our President, his family and ALL who are dealing with Covid. Just an FYI, the more creatures like Pelosi run their mouths, they just prove how egotistical they are and that their only concern is for power and NOT the best interest of the people

  18. Avatar
    morekidsharderwork freedom


  19. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is not worth commenting on she is a dried up prune.

  20. Avatar

    Can someone please tell me how this person is still in office

  21. Avatar

    Everything about Trump and this diagnosis of COVID is fake!!

  22. Avatar

    Trump gets covid and still makes more appearances to his public then Biden and is still working hard Meanwhile Biden is hiding in his banker doing nothing, while his puppet are making decisions about what is the next diabolical move the Democrat party will do.

  23. Avatar

    She is completely a demonic monster who couldn't care less about the American people or America

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    US is imploding…the 'perfect storm'.
    It is mainly down to Trumps ignorance/incompetence/pathology but Kompromat and his low IQ supporters are factors.

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