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Renters face losing their homes as coronavirus eviction ban ends

Tenants who have lost income due to coronavirus could soon face homelessness after rules banning evictions due to COVID expire.

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  1. Avatar
    Jeddah Painter دھان جدہ


  2. Avatar

    This is the time for those who have to help the have nots. Hard working people who lost their incomes obviously cannot provide for their needs. There is a time for everything. Now is the time for helping.

  3. Avatar

    Maybe they could interview the Papaya that tested positive too….

  4. Avatar

    More council flats/houses and stop selling them!

  5. Avatar

    Landlords have lost money too. They also have financial obligations and bills to pay.

  6. Avatar

    In America, 32% of all Homeowers are behind on their mortgages. The World is sitting on a tinder box that's about to EXPLODE! 🔥💥🔥🌎🌏🌍

  7. Avatar

    All this for a virus with 99.99994% survival rate

  8. Avatar

    Australia just announced that they will start minting a "Donation Dollar" Aussie coin that is to prod the holder/receiver to consider donating it to charity. And it can be recycled back into circulation endlessly. The color will be forged in gold & green.

  9. Avatar

    I bet the government won't pay to put them up in 4 star hotels like they have for the illegals arriving in Dover.

  10. Avatar

    And yet there are people that are going to vote for Trump and McConnell. The very ones that are throwing people out of their homes.

  11. Avatar

    Americans are profiting from Yemen war by selling weapons to Saudi.

    Trump's son in law was bailed out by Saudi…

  12. Avatar

    Sell your iPhone first?

  13. Avatar

    They expect over 1 million to be Homeless by end 2021 if not more, the government hasn't built enough social Housing Homes. people are in serious danger

  14. Avatar

    So why are we bringing boatloads ashore at Dover and putting them into hotels all over the country ?

  15. Avatar

    guillotine the politicians.

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    What about the small landlords who use rent payments to put food on the table for their families?

  18. Avatar

    Expect nothing less from Tories.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    The competition watchdog should've never put a ban on PPI Sales and forced the insurers to clean up their act.

  21. Avatar

    I hope the only people affected by this awful policy are the same tossers who called and supported putting the country in this position.

  22. Avatar

    These folk are delusional. They would become homeless when the landlord loses the flat anyway. If the renter doesnt pay, the mortgage doesnt get paid.

  23. Avatar

    Your house is not an asset, point proven here.

  24. Avatar

    This is going to end in violence

  25. Avatar

    For goodness's sake people, do not accept government lockdowns and restrictions. Protest and disobey the despots.

  26. Avatar

    Landlords have mortgages to pay too. For cripes sake. Maybe shaft the banks instead. The banks make money out of thin air anyway.

  27. Avatar

    All unnecessary.
    Political virus used as a means to implement changes for globalist elites.
    When do the people get their say ?

  28. Avatar

    How is this any of the landlords' fault as well?

  29. Avatar

    Rent is ludicrous! Comfortable shelter should be a human right! These greedy landlords should be jailed!

  30. Avatar

    Its idiotic …but homeless ppl don't need to stay in Quarantine

  31. Avatar

    Why is TRUMP the only world leader talking about CHINA?

  32. Avatar

    I would begin mandatory vaccinations and microchipping for those who continously break covid laws and avoid paying rent

  33. Avatar

    More Sky propaganda

  34. Avatar

    What on earth is being done to us all

  35. Avatar

    Why not just get a normal job, supermarket assistant, cleaner etc, until things change?

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