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Renewed calls for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached

The New York Times reports that a former classmate alerted the FBI of Kavanaugh’s inappropriate sexual behavior in college during Senate confirmation hearings, but the FBI did not investigate. READ MORE:

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    Shame on ABC for not saying the truth.


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    DISTRACTION!! Epstein, Prince Andrew, Clinton's, … let's get back to the real atrocities of humanity. Thus fake news smear is a joke!! Fake News run by Globalists. From dark to light. These parasites are getting exposed.

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    Christine "blowzy" ford is a liar. She was well known for his oral techniques on campus

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    Epstein coconspirators are being protected by this type fake "journalism".

    Why did ABC put any effort in a fake smear of drunk young people, when now the coconspirators of epstein are free

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    Left- Marxist ..we’re poor n we want everyone to be poor. American Marxist – were crazy n we want to drive everyone crazy.

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    Isn't it strange and a double-standard when a Republican rats on a Democrat on sexual misconduct, it's called a scandal but when a Democrat rats on a Republican they dismiss it as a frame-up, matter how vainly they try to keep it under wraps…and yet somehow it seems as though they want their dirty laundry to be discovered like finding an unknown pair of a woman's panties in their file cabinet or some glossy incriminating pics sent by an unknown addressee in the mail

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    More fake news from a fake news organization. VERIFY YOUR SOURCES ID01TS!

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    NYT 'Corrects' Their Kavanaugh 'Bombshell' After Internet explodes

    September. 16. The New York Times on Monday issued a “correction” to their earlier reporting alleging that SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman at a college dorm party when some of his buddies “pushed” his genitals into a woman’s hands against her will.
    And that “correction” wasn’t exactly a minor one.
    The Times updated their piece to include the fact that the alleged victim in the whole incident said she has no memory of the event. Which, of course, seems like a relevant tidbit to have included in the original story – until, of course, you remember that this is the New York Times.

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    I only wish that those pushing all this will never face this kind of B.S!! The left is disgusting! And off course ABC is part of them 😝😝

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    Has anybody read the allegation? This is just more B.S. from the lost left. Accusations from biased people with not only no witnesses, but people who were supposedly involved having no memory of the occurrence. I'm glad I haven't had to face this in my life.

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    LOL ABC Fake shit news,,,,,just go fuck yourselves and take the shit head dems with you cock suckers !

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    When the woman accused him everyone else who was there at the time of the alleged things that happened they said they didnt know what she was talking about LOL DUMB BITCH JUST TRYING TO GET MONEY

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    Peter van der Linden Is a child molester, the NY Times says he raped two 12 year old girls 3 years ago and the FBI is investigating him for crimes against children.

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    After Blasey-Ford i have my doubts about this too. Could this be a big distraction from another case? Epstein perhaps?

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    You must believe the victim if the victim can not remember

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    You really are the enemy of the people. Go to hell!

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    Except that the person this happened to has no memory of this happening to her.

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    If Trump is backing you, sadly you are most likely guilty!!!

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    1. Surprisingly, during the Kavanaugh hearings, no interlocutor asked Prof. Ford, a professor of psychology, about the professional consensus that the brain, especially the area that controls impulsive behavior, does not mature until the middle 20's.

    Here is one of hundreds of such findings:

    “The age your brain matures at everything — it isn't even fully developed until age 25.

    Neuroscientists are confirming what car rental places already figured out — the brain doesn't fully mature until age 25.

    Up until this age, the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that helps curb impulsive behavior — is not yet fully developed.”


    Now, again, the scenario repeats.

    2. Especially fascinating: In the same year – 1984 – that Mr. Kavanaugh is accused of harassing Dr. Ford, another SCOTUS candidate, also a Yale law graduate, at 33 twice Cavanaugh's then 17, was also accused of harassing another professional woman. That woman was, is, Prof. Anita Hill; the man, Senior Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

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    This wouldn't have anything to do with Bernie bader Ginsberg's bad health would it? The weekend at Bernie's about to be over and they want to tarnish Trump and anyone associated with him…..just trashy democrats at their worst.

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    UNBELIEVABLE this man can lie with a straight face….White privilege is a real thing when i see this man on the Supreme Court and backed by an idiot with no clue how to run our country! God help us

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    I just remembered that I was sexually assaulted by whichever Democrat runs in 2020. 😱

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    Uh oh….. he’s at it again!!

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    Just another smear campaign by the dimm's. They never get tired of losing. The US is under attack by man hating lesbians.

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    Epstein is DEAD. Kavanaugh serves on the SCOTUS for the rest of his life. ALL OF YOU DOUbters need to read the NYTS ARTICLE BEFore condemning it. It is full of multiple sources and where there are holes in the stories, the article makes that clear as well. When they say there was an FBI INVESTigation, that is false, the FBI ws not allowed to look for other witnesses. Many people reached out to the FBI AND were never interviewed at all.

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    Wait, are any of these convicted? Like allegations doesn't mean guilty so. What happened with innocent until proven guilty?

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    Guess abc news better start tonight's broadcast with a different tag line now that this new "bombshell" story is debunked.

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    Ya’ ABC what about Epstein’s friends. I guess you can only write about FAKE news!

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    ABC get some integrity and stop reporting what you know is false.Thus is why it's hard to watch what you guys call news!!No integrity!!!

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    Epstein wasn't a Supreme Court Justice….Kavanaugh should never have been nominated let along appointed….He will be impeached once the Repuglicans are elected out.

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    If this isn't proof that the idiot treasonous crony socialist dems are bankrupt then nothing is. Of couse the dems take their orders from MSM.

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    Innocent until proven guilty is the law of the land is it not? When the allege victim states they do not recall the incident, the evidence would show, it did not happen, would it not, it would mean that the allegation was fraudulent

    ABC why are you fake news?

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    Oh my, you're kidding. You're telling me a young man may have done something stupid at college? We should all get together and hang him.

    Who really cares if he got drunk when he was 21 and showed a girl his pee pee. And no I don't care that he didn't ask her first if it was alright. So sick of this feminist b.s.

    Bottom line is you want a Justice that will vote with the Democrat Left agenda. You're angry you didn't get that and you're throwing a temper tantrum now. Get over it all. You're not going to win.

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    Dasjuden at the NYT will do/say anything to destroy the government of the goym, and the Bolshevik Democrats will repeat it until an American holodomor is complete.
    Where was when it happened:
    Look over there goym, nothing to see here.

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    Nothing is going to happen to Kavanaugh because the allegations are unsubstaniated.
    What they're trying to do is frighten anyone that Trump appoints.

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    This video didn't age well.. after only what? 12 hours? LOL

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