Remembering Vin Scully

by News Update

The voice of the Dodgers for nearly 70 years has died at age 94. ABC News’ Will Ganss takes a look at his life and legendary career.

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Dittzx August 3, 2022 - 6:15 PM

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” George Floyd, 2 years sober. Liberals… Say his name!

Elizabeth Edwards August 3, 2022 - 6:25 PM

Great voice, great delivery. A rest well earned.

Mike Oxlong August 3, 2022 - 6:58 PM

He was also a devout Roman catholic and was very proud of it. It was a HUGE part of his life why leave that out?

Richard Manson🇺🇸 August 3, 2022 - 7:14 PM

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