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Remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks | USA TODAY

Never forget: All the lives lost on 9/11.
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We will never forget the lives lost on September 11th at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Avatar

    It's been 18 years. RIP to the people who lost their lives that day. I was just year and 9 months old when it happend.

  2. Avatar

    Happy 9/11 Everyone enjoy this beautiful day

  3. Avatar

    what about columbine and all the gun massacres by white people how come there isn't a day for them or is 9/11 celebrated over the fact some arabs attacked.

  4. Avatar

    The two people who disliked the video are bitches 😡

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    I wrote this on my hand at school:
    9-11 prayers 💖
    I am 11 and I was never born when this happened. I'm very sad and I feel so sad that I really wanna cry and I am actually crying. We had a moment of silence at school around 9:58 a minute before the south tower fell. My parents remember this day and so do my teachers. Today right now, I will take this time of watching 9/11 videos. 18 years ago this day, I give support to all the victims in this accident, I give prayers to those who lost their family members and friends. Prayers to all of them.
    With lots of love, Gloria
    Edit: I said a minute after the south tower fell I was supposed to say before. My mistake.

  6. Avatar

    I was born before after 9/11( 2005) and myself watching all the news about it still shakes me. I could not imagine what people must of felt like the day it happened. R.i.p to all the fallen lives, and fallen heroes who risked their lives for the greater good of this country. I thank all the people who were involved in saving innocent lives from the building before stopping to care for themselves. “It was a day we never wanted to happen, but brought out the best in us.” R.I.P 😔

  7. Avatar

    Rest up y’all 🇺🇸🙏🏽😭

  8. Avatar

    could we also mourn the civilians that were killed the us in the mid. east

  9. Avatar

    it feels like yesterday.. id like to thank whom was there trying to get people out. i mean people not knowing what was happening or where it was going to happen, even if more could happen. terrorist are cruel.

  10. Avatar

    Wow they talked about this at school 😥😭

  11. Avatar

    The three people that disliked this video are messed up

  12. Avatar

    tbh a lot of people lost lives but I want to thank all the people who saved the other people on the south

  13. Avatar

    Never forget the innocent lives lost that day
    May God Bless Their Souls

  14. Avatar

    It’s stupid how people make jokes about it. I’ll admit, it’s funny watching buildings fall over and stuff, but what’s not funny is the people who died in it. Most trolls on here were people who weren’t even alive at the time and didn’t experience it. People who laugh at the ones who were killed are just psychopaths

  15. Avatar

    I am a student, and as you could guess, we talked about this awful and horrible day. To make it worse, Friday the 13th is in two days. I wanted to sob because of the scary facts. We read something on the computers and I’m tearing up while reading it. I close the computer and my eyes, and I don’t wanna think about it ever again.

  16. Avatar

    R.I.P to everyone who lost their lives on September 11th 2001, God bless all the victims and their families. 💔

  17. Avatar

    Today in my English class, my teacher played a video called, "I Miss You Daddy" which is a short video about a girl writing to her dad who died in the attacks as she grows up and becomes a woman. As soon as my teacher told me the title, I got up and left the room because I had seen the video before and knew that I was going to cry. I went out into the hallway and just cried until the video was over. I went back inside and got four hugs, and three people clapping me on the back. There were at least six others in the room who were crying as well, 2 of them being boys. Real men cry! But the really REAL men aren't afraid to admit they do. I don't personally know anybody who died in the attacks, but its the overwhelming feeling of grief and mourning and loss that move me to tears when talking about 9/11. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE: 9/11 IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT!!! I pray for the families and friends who are still affected by 9/11 to this day. Please PLEASE remember: you are never alone in situations like this!😔🙏💔

  18. Avatar

    Wow… We will never forget that changed America.. That scary day all lives was lost

  19. Avatar

    R.I.P. to the people that died during this miserable event.

  20. Avatar

    And people make memes about this

  21. Avatar

    9/11 is proof that we live in a world we’re good will not always win

  22. Avatar

    Never Forget. One of my Dad's friends died on one of the planes.

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    I was a school today a put usa song and i started crying

  25. Avatar

    Damn and I was born on 9/11 2007 today is my birthday 🥺🥺

  26. Avatar

    R.I.P to the lives lost 18 yrs ago. God bless America

  27. Avatar

    Remember how technology is used to kill innocents .RCC collapsed when steel melting.

  28. Avatar

    To all that were victims of the terrorist attack, Rest in peace!!!😔⚰💐🇺🇸

  29. Avatar

    “In memoriam…on September 11th, 2001; so many individuals, American citizens and people from more than 90 countries alike have fallen victim to the deadliest terrorist attack in American history; undoubtedly and incontestable in fact, a terribly atrocious waste of human life. Ergo, in mourning…shall we, the living remain true to those people; in essence, to not only remember them, but to remain stoic in our moral integrity and to rejoice in the perseverance of the American Spirit.”


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