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'Remarkable': Van Jones calls out Giuliani's false claim to Trump supporters

CNN’s Van Jones reacted to President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani falsely claiming people don’t die of coronavirus anymore.

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    For people who constantly call everyone else “sheep” they sure are acting like a flock.

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    VOTER FRAUD : Democrat mayoral candidate Zul Mohamed arrested in Texas on 109 felony counts of voter fraud last week.
    Texas & L.A voter fraud https://youtu.be/E_X_Bm1I-FA City of Carrollton – Denton County, TX. Fake Media won’t tell the truth. 😮

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    Twilight Zone 2020

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    This video should be shown to people that have lost loved ones and those who got sick from covid, to show yhe DISRESPECT from trump and the administration 😤 and his allies, it's sick 😡🤬

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    he is to drunk to tell the truth, rudy needs to be committed to an institution

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    What’s happening with the Republican Party now?

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    Lies Kill. RepubliCONS lied and people died.

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    CNN the great Satan propaganda hate president Trump news Network war machine they tested negative on journalism

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    Crap is all Trump morons believe there is virus 👺 doomed to be stupid

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    Van jones the race racist king

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    Are you Trump supporters delirious?!?! I know you’re all brainwashed! So you must be delicious!
    I live in Michigan. COVID-19 is rising! My 4th grade granddaughter’s, school closed due to a child
    having the COVID-19! Thank goodness my daughter decided to do virtual schooling.
    These are children! They are our future! The cult leader says it’s alright to go without a mask.
    So you stupid followers do has he says! You don’t social distance! The good for nothing cult leader said so!
    I didn’t realize there where so many stupid people out there in the US, until COVID-19 came out!
    People are dying! It’s sad and scary! I thought the American people would stick together, through this pandemic.
    Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. I was wrong! 😢 What is wrong with you people?!?!
    All you Trump supporters are so far up Trump’s ass, you can’t see what’s right in front of you!
    Stop watching fake news! (FOX NEWS) Get with program! Especially before you drink Trump’s Kool-Aid!
    Help save lives! The next life that’s taken from COVID-19 could be yours!
    I really had to vent!
    To the ones that care. Stay safe out there! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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    Just wannabe rock stars.

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    He should be a preacher. They lie just as good.

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    Rudy is a bonafide cousin diddler, enough said.

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    Desantis got fat af.

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    I'm beginning to understand what happened in Germany in the 1930s.

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    Being 6 feet under might restrict ones freedom

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    Covid is Either a) God’s way of humbling and belittling the arrogant USA, OR Nature’s’s way of removing the unintelligent and selfish people from the gene pool. OH… one point: Doesn’t matter one jot if the virus came from a Laboratory in Maine or Wuhan – an interesting academic reason for pointing fingers only. What DOES matter, is HOW you respond and manage the situation. USA failure to manage Covid, resulting in 240,000 dead, reflects the USA sublime selfishness of its inhabitants. But who cares – in a nation that is interested solely in SELF, not others.

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    I wonder what it’s like to seriously hate somebody just because the person on ur TV told you so…

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    Trump supporters are just exceptionally stupid and dumb donald is the pied piper🔥😱😲😵

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    So who is going to call out this fools false claims? DemocRATS are pathetic and deserve to lose!

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    Hey CNN when you gonna run a story on this? https://youtu.be/rCybWf1g9K8

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    Satan is a proud registered Republican

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    Yeah common sense. That guy doesn't have it. Stupid people

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    Trump is fundamentally a cult leader who lies to his devotees without shame, even lets them get sick and die due to attending his rallies. Like other cult leaders before him, there is precious little truth in anything he says and his lieutenants are desperate enough to double down on his lies because they fear for their own future after he loses power. And all the while Putin us laughing both at his puppet and the mind-numbed followers. Only the free thinking Republicans have summoned up the courage to reveal they are withdrawing their support and standing up for democracy, something which Trump is now terrified of…

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    You idiots Don t get it again on trump. It's all bout celebrity and owning the libs.

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    No one will die at all? Really Rudy? Are you that far gone?

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    215k is what’s counted for the real number is higher

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    I live in Philly and I was sad to see people shaking their heads in agreement with Rudy when he said that people aren't dying from Coronavirus any more. It is like people are either blind or stupid to what is going on. Smh

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    “I’m debating what the truth for that is…”

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    i just hope that someday my fellow citizens will remember that freedom isn't free… wearing a mask is a small sacrifice…

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    So Ghouliani is a medical expert now? What an ass 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    A great example of the sheeple.

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    Guiliani is BEYOND STUPID . Anyone that follows his advice is beyond redemption .🤬

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    Guilliani is crazy also, where are the guys in the white coats and the straight jackets.

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    Rudy is a Caotic idiot!!

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    Oh.. Just one more point…. DONT get upset with those who minimise the Covid failure in USA, anymore than you get mad with the flat-earthers!! Facts and logic have NO place in the brains of some. Hence the need for a cleansing of the gene pool. Of course, a rather broad method oft used by our heavenly maker in the past !!!

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    Lithesome Lollies

    what is the relation between Florida state government and motorcycle gangs?

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    Remember Jim Jones.
    They listened to Jim and drank the Kool-Aid.
    All those people at the rally will be so sick come time for the election.

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    Who still watches CNN 😂😂😂

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    REDTARDS and DARWIN'S LAW good. very good.

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    My name is Marilynn Page I am a Targeted Individual living in Kettering, Ohio. I am tortured everyday for years. Please Help!

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    It is way time for there to be one respected group of dr. to address the public a few times a week….

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    People can’t think for themselves, how sad. Supposedly tRump had or has COVID.

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    Rudy again another trump liar everything or person connected to trump are liars and corrupt america you are ruled by criminals

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    Agent Orange and his clown rallies are no doubt super-spreader events, and that’s fine for stupid Republican cult members, but there are many more innocent victims as a result.

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    What a load of milarky

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