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Rehabilitating Baby Sloths in Costa Rica – 360 | National Geographic

Witness the recovery and release of wildlife at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica.
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The facility helps baby sloths, toucans, and other animals. Costa Rica’s wildlife has been impacted by the illegal pet trade and human encroachment.

Rehabilitating Baby Sloths in Costa Rica – 360 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Avatar

    I moved the screen then suddenly
    wow you can move the screen

    please tell how it's done?

  2. Avatar

    So nice …to touch and move screen experience

  3. Avatar

    Does anyone care about the environment we live in or just care about stuff

  4. Avatar

    Every time I changed my video quality (360p) but every time it's looks like 144p.Why??

  5. Avatar

    Wonderful colors in the birds 💞

  6. Avatar

    I’ve only seen gadget shows that feature 360 videos & up until today I have only seen 360 photos. This takes the biscuit. It even revolves while on hold. Fantastic technology!

  7. Avatar

    I sure had a great time with you guys

  8. Avatar

    I would have a hard time working with all these beautiful creatures because I'd get attached to easily. Especially with the sloths. 😍😍😍

  9. Avatar

    I’ve been here! It’s a must visit place if you’re ever in Costa Rica ❤️ We went for Slothies & Coffees on valentine’s day this year. It was a life-changing experience 😻

  10. Avatar

    Yeah–moving the screen is cool until you're sitting in a waiting room.

  11. Avatar

    The Toucan Rescue Ranch takes in a wide variety of animals, including toucans and sloths. What are your thoughts on the efforts being made to rehabilitate these animals?

  12. Avatar

    I hate 360 video on youtube, who else?

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    We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to share our mission with the National Geographic community.

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    O que torna o planeta mais hostil para estas espécies é a ameaça humana!! Hoje do adquirido nada é garantido a não ser que se faca por isso….mas será que chega?? Será demasiado tarde …demasiado pouco? Já se torna monótono ver a natureza ser golpeada …e está monotonia rói ….e os dias para as ameaças teimam em ser muito iguais a si próprios….ao menos alguém que vem refrescar e diferenciar pelo pouco que já é o bastante!!

  15. Avatar

    That was cool. Costa Rica is the place I would like to spend a month at,especially the sloth rehab centers.

  16. Avatar

    I wish I could go help these people for a a week and see the forest and do something for the creatures.

  17. Avatar

    Just went to Costa Rica about a month and a half ago. We saw wild toucans and sloths and monkeys. It sure is a beautiful place and I’m already wanting to go back! The amount of animals everywhere is just so amazing! It’s on my bucket list to go back to Costa Rica again when I’m older!

  18. Avatar

    I’ve been here! It was beautiful. Met the owner who had a 3-day-old sloth!

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    Unfortunately? That's a good thing that exotic pets can't be pets…..

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    I love sloths and 360 videos so this was amazing and awesome ❤️❤️

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    I got to the part where you said some animals can not be rehabilitated and and released into the wild as they are so imprinted on Humans…..in the background I hear a rooster lol.

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    Awwww I love sloths. They are so beautiful and gentle. Thank you for saving all these awesome animals 👍🏼

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    When u can move the screen!!!! This is amazing!!! Instantly feel like a kid, having 2 much fun with this.

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    360 made this so amazing wow I'm astonished.

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    Sloths are so sweet. I would just love to hug them all 🌹🌹🌹

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