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Regal Cinemas closing all US locations

The nation’s second largest movie theater operator says it will stay closed through the new year. ABC’s Will Ganss has the details.

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    They could of had drive through theaters and outdoor theaters! I guess they rather give up than to work hard to make sales.

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    Sorry to hear this. The Regal in downtown Seattle was great.

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    Anyone surprised?

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    Sad day. Sometimes when you’re working full time and got kids, an couple of hours in the movie theater is amazing….
    Just hoping they re open.

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    New normal. Mandatory vaccines. Ridiculous.

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    Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

    such terrible news 🙁

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    Jessica Robinson


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    Off topic, but has the word gotten around that Pro Sports are not only in [lace for PROFITS but to keep most of the US population of men distracted from politics and the state of the world? Just think about how much that makes sense. And look at how F'd up we are as far as politics goes.

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    I liked going to the movies. money comes and goes and I liked the Experience. Good reason to got out of the house
    But it seems today's people just wanna be obedient and stay in doors

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    Ohh good… we can as a population concentrate on and spend our money on MORE important issues without the distraction. COOL!!

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    rip last time i went to a Movie theater was Iron Man 1

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    Movie industries are going down like the damn leprechaun trilogy.

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    Michael Shepherd

    99% of movies just liberal garbage nowadays…….aint missing nothing

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    Movie theaters are SOOOO overrated. It's a vestige of the past. You're watching a film on a projector, not an actual TV screen, with a room full of other people eating overpriced food. It's honestly both depressing and surprising that this tradition has lasted as long as it did. Now that almost everyone has a home setup with speakers and a large flat-screen TV, and of course food in the kitchen, what is even the POINT of going to a movie theater anymore?!! Netflix was the final straw for them, and this pandemic is finally putting and end to a dying art should have disappeared a long time ago.

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    First they got rid of movie rental stores & now movie theaters; then Saturday morning cartoons, now this?;this futures stinks; where are the zombies?

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    Are us Americans supposed to be worried?

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    The biggest Theater one of all time will close in the us is the one in Bend Oregon called old mill cinema 16 I went to it and pine theater in crook county

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    i don't mind paying 20-30 dollars to see a movie at home. I easily spend 40-50 or more dollars going to the cinemas.

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    Either let them die or let them open up DO NOT BAIL THEM OUT

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