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Recycling Skateboards Into Guitars | How It’s Made

Learn how old skateboards are recycled and transformed into guitars!

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  1. Avatar

    Very cool. But I'm guessing they're more expensive than a Fender.

  2. Avatar

    Is it possible to make a really small electric guitar that can be played? Like the size of a hand ✋or a book 📚.

  3. Avatar

    Kasih ke alip ba tha mantap ini (♥ω♥*)

  4. Avatar

    very good recycling idea. he may start a small guitar factory by collecting throw aways skateboards

  5. Avatar

    Think they should use all skateboards for guitars or chip board those things and the punks that annoy everyone

  6. Avatar

    His voice kinda sounds like the pacer test guy
    PTSD 😖

  7. Avatar

    that looks Awesome I would buy one if someone made it

  8. Avatar

    Amazing and absolutely wonderful! I create a lot of things too, but your guitar is SWEET!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Very impressive, but do they also make BASS?

  10. Avatar

    Another good way to recycle them is using them as fire wood or shelves for a wall or put a camera tripod on it then you can film while rolling. But here in australia someone could probably make boomerangs out of old skateboards

  11. Avatar

    Why does he has the same upload schedule as huggbees?! The first videos i saw of them made me question what was wrong for so long…

  12. Avatar

    I'd like to see how he made the necks. The guitars are Awesome, Great job!! I really enjoyed watching ty.

  13. Avatar

    This is actually pretty cool because I skateboard. I’m glad he used all the right terms like the “nose” and “tail”. And I like how he’s said that it traded the half pipe for the stage. Well done.

  14. Avatar

    *Output jack

  15. Avatar

    A bit irrelevant to the channel content but impressive nonetheless

  16. Avatar

    WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!!?? I was just looking through my notifications and I found THIS!? I've got a guitar, 'cause I love playing guitar and I'm just practicing, but I want one of these recycled "skateboard guitars" now! I probably can't afford one, as I'm currently only on a P.I.P. benefit of just £150 per month, for fuck's sake, but I can definitely save up for one of these if they're available soon! XD Recycling ROCKS (literally rocks, LOL!) Where the hell would we be without it!? XD

  17. Avatar

    Relating to my last comment, Recycling Rocks is an alright title for a song, I've just realised, LOL! XD

  18. Avatar

    Next vid: Recycling Guitars into Skateboards

  19. Avatar

    Okay, that's a really cool idea. I'm into this aesthetic.

  20. Avatar

    god i can almost feel the weight of that thing. i hope he's chambering those things or doing weight relief because solid laminated rock maple sounds like hell for your back. When I was in high school my friend's dad loaned me his 1970s les paul for about a year. That thing was a dense as they come at like 12+ pounds and I can feel my shoulder just at the thought of it

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