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Record number of women of color running for office | ABC News

ABC News’ Deborah Roberts speaks with eight Congressional candidates who are among a record number of women of color running for office in 2020.

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    Ah yes we should definitely vote for someone based on their skin color, not based on if they have good policies. Imagine being told you only got a job because your black, not because you’re the best.

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    Why do they all censor the women? Mumblings, can't be understood, shut in and Masked. Why do they Mask all the women?

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    *****Just Because someone uses you, You were invited to RNC as a pawn as Scott Was, wanted to show diversity while they use "Jim Crow" Tactics Nationwide.
    ****Not one of the Republican Candidates Have asked Trump to Protect Voters by restoring federal Protections taken away by another "Clarence Thomas" did on June 25 2013.*****Not one asked Trump to Pass "John Lewis Act" sitting on Mitch's Desk!**
    ****until Trump Passes that Bill he is a racist, because that would mean he is willing to allow a free and fair election****Fair is an oxymoron for Trump!
    ***Facts there is 1 Black Republican out of "250 republicans in Senate and Congress, Tim Scott is the one who Republicans March out to push a Police Reform Bill that has No accountability to the community****
    ***these are the Decades of Trump's Racial Discrimination. Read *****Trump Racial Discrimination Wikipedia Page****Read About the $85,000 Trump Paid for Full Front Page Ads in every NYC Newspaper calling for the execution of Black & Latino Teenagers accused Falsely of Rape!!!***These teenagers some as young as 14 years old, The Blacks he disparaged and swindled and refuse to rent luxury Apartments or Condos To***There are Decades of Insults and Discrimination****
    ****But Importantly to these Republicans who say Trump is not a Racist then why won't he pass "John Lewis Act" sitting on Mitch McConnell desks to federally Protect the Rights of All voters!!!!! To Allow elections to be handled by the Federal Government with Federal Regulations, not "Jim Crow Tactics".
    ****A Free and Fair election, what a Thought, no 4 10 hour lines, 5 hour lines, last minute ID Changes, Last Minute Drop Box changes 1 drop box for "4 Million people***

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    Truth America" @RalphLCampbell1

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    Repeal the 19th Amendment!

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    Slidin with Biden

    Coolio, how many of those are Republic… oops. I forgot they're not voting for Biden so they're not black.

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    The color of there skin shouldn’t matter!

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    thousand points of light

    six months after election, record number of female elected officials headed to prison for corruption.

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    Breaking news- Hunter Biden laptop part of FBI probe of money laundering

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    You are not welcome. BIDENS only like teen girls.

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    Yes because the person I'm electing I really care what they're sticking in their vagina or butt hole and not their policies or anything else oh yes one more thing their color

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    You have got to stop using intelligent respected people as trophies. Speak about their compassion and insight as qualifications for the jobs before you latch onto color. They deserve better. But I guess race is big money these days.

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    I dont think their skin color should matter.

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    This country is such a racist, white supremacist, patriarchal system that women of color are running for office in record numbers.

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    Because color is all that matters to these racists

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    Oh look at the women saying poor me, always most affected…😒 is this what happens when we don't have wars?

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    Good. And when our world just drops the need to say 'of colour' we know we will have grown as one

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    Konservative Kirby

    Women of color…

    Two things you DON'T want running for office….

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    To hear them say we have to come together makes me so proud of every one of them. I hope one day we can all be united. I simply praise everyone of you . We need these changes. God Bless all of you everyday.

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    👮👮🏻‍♂️👮 Hunter Biden’s Laptop proves Joe lied. Pay-to-play ! Hunter’s email say “going to need 10% for the big guy”. Joe Biden’s ties to a dozen CCP officials, money for power schemes. Epic – https://youtu.be/F91BIR1kYBU Busted !
    Fox – https://youtu.be/WAVp57zf5to 🇺🇸 Jail time Joe ! 👮👮🏻‍♂️👮

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    Gary Poindexter jr

    If any (almost any) of these woman need a stay a stay at home husband/& future baby father. I'm the guy.

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    Women of color?????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂.. The white media is a joke. Just another failed attempt to try and lump these anti black groups with black people.

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    Here we go again with the identity politics🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Whites are being replaced

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    Why would we put a RACIST in the White House https://youtu.be/jPUFwmZN9eo

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    2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Vice) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< (Vice) •—• vice.com •—• (South Park Studios) <—> (Truth & Facts) >—< South Park Studios ••• “Respect and dignity, 2020?”

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    I voted for Strickland! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸💜💚💙🌈

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    I'll take 4 of the 8! I could only vote 1 of the 4 who is in my district! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    They’re just polls 😒 said the trump supporter 😂 dumb head

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    "The essence of Democracy is participation." VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS!!!

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    Despite Republican voter suppression, the Dems are energized like never before, and the people are not gonna be silenced!!! VOTE!!! Michael Steele: ‘Remember the Elected Officials Who Made You Stand in that Line’

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    Just don't be a neoliberal or neocon, career climber. We've got them. And that's the problem. Both parties are corporate bought and corrupted.

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    Good luck to all the women 2020

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    About time; a government should look like their citizens & more than half are adult women & poc; not elder non poc men!.

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    (flood to light)

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