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'Rebirth': Chileans vote by millions to tear up Pinochet's constitution

Chileans poured into the country’s main squares after voters gave a ringing endorsement to a plan to tear up the country’s Pinochet-era constitution in favour of a new charter drafted by citizens. In Santiago’s Plaza Italia, the focus of the massive and often violent social protests last year which sparked the demand for a new magna carta, fireworks rose above a crowd of tens of thousands of jubilant people singing in unison as the word “rebirth” was beamed onto a tower above. With more than three quarters of the votes counted, 78.12% of voters had opted for a new charter. Many have expressed hopes that a new text will temper an unabashedly capitalist ethos with guarantees of more equal rights to healthcare, pensions and education

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    The USA should do the same but no they worship their outdated constitution and voting process.

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    Guardian trash

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    Chile will be the next Venezuela.

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    fred-john Rijnaard

    Viva Chile ! Best wishes from The Netherlands !

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    In the UK we have an 'Unwritten Constitution' so there's no chance that'll get torn up.

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    The new Constitution should say "Congress Shall Make No Laws" period.
    Don't give your authority away to politicians. Democracy is a daily duty, not just voting once every four years like America.

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    People power ✊🏼❤️🕊

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    Chile why

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    Oh the power of 51% taking away the Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness from the 49% So 51% decides to hang the President it is okay? I favor a Representative Republic like we have here in America. Mob rule plus a central bank equals a chipped society. I suppose Chile is getting an Income Tax only for the rich?

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