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Reactions to interview with officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting

Former police officials break down Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly’s ABC News/Courier-Journal exclusive interview that recounted the night Breonna Taylor was killed.

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    ⛔️Warning 📛 Warning ⛔️ Warning Democrat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if elected this is just some of what you’re going to get. Nothing I want how about you? 
    1. Biden said he would eliminate all Trumps tax cuts. Higher taxes again 
    2. More Government restrictions on businesses. 
    3. Open Borders. 
    4. Defunded Police Departments.
    5. More evil baby killing abortion funded by taxpayers money. 
    6. Change Social Security, Making Retirement later and Working Longer. 
    7. Over 30 million illegal aliens given US citizenship. 
    8. More Obamacare forced on everyone and private Health Insurance abolished. 
    9. More Prisoners released to commit more crimes in our cities. 
    10. End to fracking means higher gas prices $$$ and electric bills. 
    11. Packing the supreme Court. 
    12. Make Puerto Rico and Washington DC new states. 
    13. Transgender bathrooms in every state. 
    14. Bigger government. 
    15. Gun grab so only criminals will have guns.

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    All actors on television reading off scripts playing their roles

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    ABC trying to whip up some more Virus Spreading Riots.

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    We don't care about your dumb reaction. Next..

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    The video quality is atrocious! 😠

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    The media always turn this into a race thing ,to divide our Country,and stir,hate. They never report black on black violence. Or, any solutions. Investigative reporting is not even happening today. Theses people give narrative,to shape and blame. If you want real news you must search the internet. Not Fake News. 💕🦉. I am L. A. 🇺🇸. a Visitor.

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    im black i can get away with anything waaaaaaahhhhh

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    Drbanner The King

    garbage af video doesnt even play the whole thing but i wouldnt expect anything less from ABC news

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    Tomorrow's news will be how the officer wipes his butt. Front to back or back to front. What ever it may be, let's just keep talking about it.

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    Well , For executing a no knock warrant they sure were pretty loud at announcing themselves according to witnesses i.e. neighbors

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    You can't just kill someone in thier OWN home while they are Sleeping…not Right at All.

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    Its $*** Plz fix this broken video !!!!

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    All of the media lied left and right about this whole thing. Talking about how she was an emt, hadn't been one in four years because she had a dead body in her rental car. You said she died in her bed, she was was in the hallway. You said they just busted in and didn't knock, they knocked and announced who they were.

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    How can you justify cops making a mistake wrongfully killing someone who was proved to be innocent.

    They messed up and are guilty. If a Dr administers a wrong treatment n wrong procedure that has a lethal outcome he is held liable.

    Cops cannot get away with an OOPS!!

    How the hell do you say you announced yourself to people who were SLEEPING!!! A sleeping waking to a banging n noise will instinctively get into protection mode. You don't wake up n ask WHO IS IT!!!


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    ("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans." (the late Pastor Stephen Darby):

    GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER:
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    Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land.

    (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV  )
    HE can surely do it for us.

    GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.)     Pass it on….

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    Switch the wages of waitstaff and cops. Work for $2/hour + tips to feed your families. Problem solved. Me, 2024. See you guys then.

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    An innocent person is dead and the person who killed her needs to face justice period.

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    Samurai44314 Games

    Why is this even up? video cuts from 3:00min in to 5:00min spot is just cut out why?

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    "Feelings… whoa, whoa, whoa Feelings…"
    See B.S.

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    Video is corrupted. Re upload it,ABC!

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    Omg…. this is so old news. All the media lies about this and everything else is ridiculous. Race card played every time on everything…🙄

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    Video file is corrupted after 3:07

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    How many white people have been killed in the same manner.

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    Funny how suddenly he got the balls to speak AFTER the grand juror was granted permission to speak

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    Thank you President Trump for your great leadership during this time. Never bow to the radical racist left.

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    Criminals hiding behind paramedics. Most of them are. Just doing a job $

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    It wasn't a homicide…. The crime was in the cover up…. The cops are guilty of conspiracy.

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    This is a great example of systemic racism in the governments locally and federally.

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    Y'all gotta fix tha video n repost it. After initial long pause, they mentioned eye contact w/ police. I remember like 10 years ago seein a "Cops" episode where patrolling officer said, as he flips a U-ey, somethin like, 'he didn't look at me'. I'm thinkin, wtf…Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, they can use az an excuse 2 pull u over, they will. Once ur pulled over, ur rights & life r dependant on their leniency. They search illegally under guise of "conducting an investigation." Bunch of bullshit. I promise u, it's no cowinky dink body cams weren't in use. DUH!!

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    did the policing behavior put a dead body in her rental car, STFU you racist black lady

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    Why do we have different programs for races? Doesn't that just perpetuate racial division?

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    A firearms check on Walker wouldn’t have worked because he didn’t even live there.

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    Why did it stop mid video?

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    Narfle The Garthok

    Old news

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    Charles Jefferies

    Check out the huge crowd in NC at Trump rally.


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    Why was half the interview blurred out leaving this open to wrongful interpretation. This incomplete video shouldn't even be played. Even the last part was cutt off.

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    From the story im picking up sounds kinda like breonna taylor was hanging out with the wrong dude.. she would be alive id she hadnt been dating some thug. Her own fault.

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    Who gives a rats ass about Breonna?

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    It's not about race at all. Common Sense, If the couple happen to be white and it was the same scenario and you fired a weapon at a officers , you can best believe they are going to light your ass up, period. Doesn't matter what race or color you are . You can be White , Black, Orange, Green, Tan or Blue You shot at them they are shooting back. Duh 🙄

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    Why is it muted?

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    They're all dead, it's no different.

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    State of Organized Blacks

    The media will not tell the story like this. Everything you need to know.
    She was assassinated. Told With Their very own testimony. Please check it out.

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    What happened to the second part of the video

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    📞 👆 I❤U

    I loro stati di salute
    rispettivi prevenirli

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    No knock warrants are a violation of our constitutional right to be safe and secure in our own homes Full Stop. The wars on drugs and terrorism have been used to illegally trample on us citizens' constitutional rights for far too long. It's very sad, hypocritical and unjust that so-called "pro life conservatives" throw their deeply held beliefs out the window when the lives involved are people of color or lower income residents. The police don't use these tactics to the same degree and carelessness on wealthy suspects. I don't recall any of the drug money laundering bankers' homes being no knock warranted. Why were their homes and personal privacy spared when there is much more evidence of their drug related activities?

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    I am denouncing my color of Caucasian. I am now vanilla. I am now a minority and going to play the race card everyday.

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