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RCMP respond to ongoing Nova Scotia fisheries dispute | LIVE

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki addressed the RCMP’s response to the ongoing fisheries dispute in Nova Scotia on Wednesday, saying they are “fully committed to keeping the peace, keeping people safe, and enforcing the law.”

Lucki also “strongly” encouraged calm and the “engagement in peaceful and constructive dialogue.”

RCMP have been heavily criticized for their officers appearing to stand by during confrontations between non-Indigenous fishers and the Mi’kmaw fishers, or only intervening when physical violence appeared imminent.

Lucki responded to a question regarding concerns about how officers have responded, saying they are “deeply concerned by the acts of violence and the property damage” linked to the dispute, and that they will intervene “when we are made aware of those actions.”

Nova Scotia’s Indigenous communities have faced violent and heated opposition from mostly non-Indigenous commercial fishers since the Sip’knekatik First Nation launched its self-regulated moderate livelihood fishery in September.

Traps laid by Indigenous fishers have been repeatedly cut or damaged. The incidents culminated on Oct. 13, with mobs of as many 200 people swarming two lobster pounds in southwestern Nova Scotia.

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    Resign ! Liberal prime minister puppet ! Useless !

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    Investigate the slime minister ,

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    It won't be long before there are no wild fisheries left. Greed and 7.7 billion people on this planet will eat every last bit of seafood and destroy the environment wild life (and humans) need to survive. It won't matter if you are a native, white or any other group. $hit is coming for us all because we can't stop ourselves.

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    RCMP IS nothing more than thugs for the government and just as corrupt if not worst. Should be renamed TMMJ.Trudeau's Mounted Muslim Jokes.

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    Disappointing scripted responses. To restore trust you need to speak openly and honestly and take responsibility. I know videos do not always tell the full story but you need to acknowledge that things may not have gone as they should have. At least this would be a credible and genuine response until the full story is able to be presented.

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    Stand up to these Natives!! Equal Rights for all people in Canada!!! Strong Arm tactics should lead to long jail sentences! Taxes for all!! Fishing rules Apply to all!! a 300 year old treaty needs to be ripped up!! Natives Selling Illegal Lobster to the Chinese! I wonder how much Fish goes unchecked as well!

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    and well, what about the Criminals in the PMO? Any commitments there?

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    Arrest her and round up these Frauds.

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    lol if you want reconciliation then dismantle and start and better “law enforcement” so far the rcmp is doing their job the suppression of indigenous rights.

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    Frustrations of Humanity

    It’s interesting how distractions after distraction keeps popping up , hmm could it be attempts to keep people from the truth that viruses can’t be spread or caught and they don’t cause disease

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    where were the RCMP when activists were trying to derail freight trains . ??
    what about SNC Lavalan ??

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    I’m just here to remind everybody our PM is a crook. Oh and now he’s passing more hate speech laws for those of us complaining about all his very illegal activities. God bless him! Gulags here I come! Laws are only for peasants it’s so thoughtful of Justin to remind us of the jack boot on our necks 🤣 F U sock boy 🤣

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    Bottom line: Canada has no interest in respecting treaties made with Native peoples, nor do they care about protecting them.

    If a Native burned down a white fishery, the army would be called in to dispense 'justice'.

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    Deleted Again!! Native Pride!! Fight the good fight!!!

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    AFTER the fact.

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    Then arrest the Native that started the fire at fishplant and show the Lie for what it is.

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    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dudley Do-Right Brenda Unlucky sounds brain-damaged.

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    The RCMP should be arresting Justin Trudeau

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