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Ratings battle: Presidential nominees hold duelling town halls

US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held duelling town hall events after plans for a second debate were scrapped.
That means American voters were forced to flip back-and-forth between channels to hear the candidates address questions from the public.
Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

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    joe biden is the downfall the worst vice of the worst president ever

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    Trump wining media lies

  3. Avatar

    • Trump’s chaos vs Biden’s calm
    • The host saying “ You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever “
    Is the summary of an inept man interview

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    Joe. you are so wired to the moon.

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    Aljeezera should ask the OIC Nations…. What's their choice… TRump….Biden…. Xi jinping

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    Riezkamasduqihasan Hasan

    Ngeyel president

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    Our choices are an idiot and a Democrat… Either way, I don't see good things. I blame the Liberal media for giving Trump endless screen time during the 2016 Republican primary, in an attempt to set Hilary up for an easy win. Most Republican states did not vote for Trump in the Republican primary… but nearly every Democratic state did. Trump isn't the root of the problem… The media running nonstop 'little Marco' and 'low energy Jeb' pieces, to influence the election process of their opposition, is the problem.

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    wow really…QAnon being against Pedo's is Baseless ???????????

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    We don’t rely on the President for our information. That’s what we have the fake news for.

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    If you go by Nielsen ratings… Biden one… But that only takes two television stations that are on their way out due to competition from streaming… If you count streaming totals, Trump won by several million views.

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    If qanon, is against pedophilia how are they supporting Trump? Jeffrey Epstein much!

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    Foundational Black American

    Long live all African people

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    america torn apart with senile grumpy grouchy ignorant arrogant senile old men 🤘

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    Trump doesn't realize it [or perhaps doesn't care] but he's merely a puppet propping up a rogue GOP agenda.

    It's a perverse symbiotic realtionship;

    a) The unstable novelty politician gets his pathological ego-starved needs seen to via his 'blame it on everyone else' fan club…

    b) and the GOP realizes they have an opportunity to subvert a system of government they never really respected.

    You're not really the master here Donnocchio…

    and most here and world-wide know it.

    You're made of weak stuff buddy. It's why you're battling as hard as you are.

    You're just not good enough for this job…

    and enough of the country is ready to acknowledge that.

    Just try not to slam the door on the way out.


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    Trump supporters brag about rally size,yet say ratings don't matter lmao

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    I like presidents who didn't get Virus

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    There is no news on Paris behead of the teacher by a Islamist.😂

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    Donald Trump has 80 Million twitter followers, Biden has 10 million. Trump rallies are packed, Biden events are 'socially distanced' ghost towns. People are tired of the democratic lockdowns, the leftist riots and lawlessness, the big tech media censorship, and it is becoming ever more evident that Biden is just as corrupted as Hillary wasas the Hunter emails continue to be released.

    Trump won in 2016 because of how Obama and Biden ran the country and how Hillary's crookedness came to light via wikileaks Now we have the New York Post to thank for the truth about Biden's Ukraine crony deals .

    The dems putting up Biden to run against Trump was a suicide mission, and the media cant save him. Prepare for a Trump landslide win in 2020.

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    Free heart clean brain

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    Not ragging. Everybody is recovering.

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    Your lieing. You want me to abandon Trump for Joe? Trump took us from the laughing stock of the world to the envy of the world in less than 4 yrs. Joe now says he was wrong and has a plan to make things right. Blind leading the blind. No wonder you have to use violence to push your agenda.

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    I love how they completely gloss over the absolutely ridiculous statements and lies from Biden's town hall.

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    What are ppl missing!? Biden and his family got rich robbing America he's been in office 47 yrs with nothing but enriched family members TRUMP came in and exposed how corrupt Obama/Biden was
    Don't believe FAKE NEWS

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    nichelle delaine-rust

    Fake news

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    Welcame bidone

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