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Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault, will not serve jail time | USA TODAY

A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault for his role in a Stockholm street fight.

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  1. Avatar

    But yet Muslims can come to Sweden and rape and take… makes no sense.

  2. Avatar

    They found out he isn’t an IKEA family member

  3. Avatar

    Can you believe even someone like Asap Rocky was affected by the Muslim invasion? Only in Swedenstan.

  4. Avatar

    Wow so the dude who started this whole thing got away even tho asap and his crew had video proof. Also can’t forget what the lady told asap about that guy groping her ass and he still got away.

    If I was asap I’d never step foot in Sweden again.

  5. Avatar

    This is great news. Please note Donald Trump had absolutely nothing to do with A$AP not serving any time.. We have seen what he has done to wrongly accused black men in the past.. he takes out full-page ads wanting the death penalty for them.

  6. Avatar

    unbelievable, if this happens in a US court it would take months or years to have a court case!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe there they have quick justice where our court system will milk all the money out of anyone they possibly can!

  7. Avatar

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he attacked Simba’s dad?

  8. Avatar

    Whew, I will sleep MUCH better tonight knowing that. :o) who the fuk cares. geez

  9. Avatar

    watch him end up suicided in the next few days

  10. Avatar

    ''Sweden is a shiiitehole'' -PresidentTrump2018 Check…NowConfirmed2019.

  11. Avatar

    What a shit hole Sweden is turning into.

  12. Avatar

    He'd be a complete idiot and would deserve all that jail time he served if he even acknowledges them let alone pays any fine. He's in America now, they can't do shit, and already cost him a lot of money.

  13. Avatar

    That's really insane the laws and rules all over the world arent handled properly

  14. Avatar

    This is why the world hates muslims. Goodbye swedenstan. You won't be missed

  15. Avatar

    Well, he was convicted of assault therefore legally it can't be self-defense. Lots of times when Americans go to foreign countries they forget they are not in America and foreign countries just don't put up with the shit that the United States does. Of course he will play victim and claim he was shafted and the Swedes are all racist and their justice system is racist, yada, yada, yada.. For God's sake, acknowledge your wrong doing and stand up and be a man!

  16. Avatar

    So a 19 year old with a criminal record consisting of assault, bodily harm with a weapon, theft and drug use, who was recorded assaulting a bodyguard gets that money? So fu*ked up

    – On December 22, 2015, the first police case was received, a few months after the man came to Sweden (then 15 years old). Assault, 30 days of youth treatment. Jafari and his friend stabbed the third one, with at least wounds to his face. His hands had also received stabs. Svea hovrätt B 4587-16
    – February 18, 2016 In Stockholm District Court, the charge of theft turned into a petty larceny. Stockholms TR B 2805-16
    – May 9, 2016 The Södertörn District Court transformed serious assault into ordinary assault. He hit a man in his forehead and continuously hit him in the face once on the ground. Södertörns TR B 16838-15
    – November 23, 2017 Drug crime conviction in Stockholm District Court. Stockholms TR B 14680-17
    – May 25, 2018 Solna District Court conviction for drug offense. Solna TR B 3666-18

  17. Avatar

    So if he was found guilty then why did he get off? I don't understand how this happened. If there's no punishment then just say he's not guilty.

  18. Avatar

    Another reason not to go to Sweden…..

  19. Avatar

    If he was found innocent they would have owed him millions. He wasn't winning that case.

  20. Avatar

    Sweden be f*** up. The shit was on video. Y'all should boycott the sweeds.

  21. Avatar

    dindu nuffin man dis nigga dindu nuffin sheeeeit we wuz kangs .

  22. Avatar

    Americans are being forced to reevaluate the benefits of traveling to countries where they can be harassed without consequences from street thugs. Swedish government doesn't want to prosecute relocated aliens who are being bringing their entitled religious ideological culture of victimhood and relatiation into their cities. Law enforcement stands down and you wonder why people have to defend themselves, sissy policies in the name of civil rights.

  23. Avatar

    Well you look like you want fight something ,the thug life is for real
    it isn't For rich boys like you

  24. Avatar

    any blk celebrity that goes to Sweden is s straight clown!! crazy how the white pig that started the whole shit and struck them FIRST gets rewarded money and no charges. i get where the self defense couldnt have worked because they prob had chance at some point to walk away but in the LEAST the white pig should have been charged also. He still assaulted someone with a weapon at that. so tired of these racist white ppl already. not 1 single day can go by without me seeing another trashy white devil racist scum doing some foul shit to a blk man or woman and getting away with it smfh

  25. Avatar

    They were all thug life…
    On both sides.

  26. Avatar

    Race carded an entire government entity. Not wholy unexpected.

  27. Avatar

    Violence doesn't pay, even if you're a rich celebrity. That's maybe a value some people in the US should embrace a little more.

  28. Avatar

    Moving to Sweden…I like how they hold everyone accountable for their actions regardless as to whether or not you are some bullshit rapper celebrity.

  29. Avatar

    Lol 😂 1,307 asap wipes his ass with that amount of money

  30. Avatar

    Ah to be black in 2019, means every judge in the world is afraid to jail you for your crime because of fear of being called a racist. Love the system

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