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Rape suspect released from jail kills victim, authorities say

Ibrahim Bouaichi was released over COVID-19 safety concerns before allegedly killing victim Karla Dominguez, according to authorities.

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    Now he is doing life , LOL

  2. Avatar

    This guy is stupid

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    Look on the bright side. At least they let her become an adult before they raped and killed her.

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    SOOO when they release the "low risk" inmates they are prosecuting the people who released for the same crimes right? As in whoever made the call goes to prison for a murder charge too. Our system is legit falling apart you pieces of S**t

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    Sir Aragon of Enid

    How stupid can you be?
    Why would you release a rapist?

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    Rot in hell rapist, as well as the judge who let him out! That lawyer too! He KNEW. I am sure there is a deep, deep pit in hell for the lawyers who knew their clients were guilty and took the case anyway.

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    Make sure they dont put covid as cause of death on their death certificates

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    Beatriz Martinez

    This is just the beginning of the sorrows😔. I have a message to give.

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    OMG…. I can't even watch this 🙁

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    Perfect 🤦🏼‍♂️!

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    Bruh he is a dumbass

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    Very disappointed with the weak law 🤔! This is why we need eye for an eye law !

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    THE JUDGE KILLED HER!!!!! Fuc America’s justice system the time of the Vikings is coming back when man will make his own justice again!

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    Another good call due to covid 😡😡😡😡

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    Angelus Tenebris

    This exactly why you don't let these people out!

  16. Avatar

    Awww that’s so dumb that they did that ( Rip to her family … although it will not bring her back Her family needs to sue THE SH*T out of Virginia

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    J Y Entertainment

    Wow thank you so much justice system

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    I think only non violent crime get released for covid, hows rape not violent?, this not the first time released violent criminals for covid end killing some1,

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    Mark_Porsche _911

    WTF 😤

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    California's population has doubled since there has been any meaningful increase in prison capacity. More people means more criminals. Democrats cannot believe that law abiding people do not want criminal trash wandering the streets

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    The dude is a total piece of human garbage.

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    For the true Americans, Facts no Frauds on you tube now. Together we can stop this. Trump 2020

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    Sagacious Apotheosis BLM

    Police reform! No more people in prisons. No more hopelessness

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    They're supposed to only let out NON-violent inmates!

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    I thought this was Ray William Johnson

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    Protect the murders health what about the people who are losing their homes on the street because they can't afford to pay the rent what a crazy system..

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    We have such a shitty justice system. It is truly the Achilles heel that Americans will not see coming.

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    Wow, that is so sad😪. My condolences to her family 🙏. They should have kept him in jail to catch the Coronavirus. He was a piece of 💩. Where was the justice in freeing him? What is his lawyer saying now? Just wow!!

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    Shelter prisoners in place {their cell}

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    Absolutely disgusting. That young woman had a bright future ahead of her. Those judges should be jailed.

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