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Rafael Nadal: the story of the King of Clay's dynasty at the French Open

#Nadal #Tennis Rafael Nadal has beaten Dominic Thiem at Roland Garros to claim his 12th French Open title and 18th Grand Slam. A mark of his near-total dominance on clay, he has won all but three French Open tournaments since 2005 – and now stands just two Grand Slams of Roger Federer’s all-time record of 20 majors.
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  1. Avatar

    The question is not about Nadal or Federer.

  2. Avatar
    mohlodi tshimollo

    Nadal might win this thing twenty times before he retires.

  3. Avatar

    Match report: Nadal beats Thiem for 12th French Open title. Read more ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/09/rafael-nadal-beats-dominic-thiem-wins-french-open-tennis-titl

  4. Avatar

    Let's see how many slams he gets

  5. Avatar

    Theme of 12th French open, defeated Dominic Thiem

  6. Avatar

    Champion of champions Rafa but his best was Wimbledon 2008 final against the smarty " Roger"

  7. Avatar

    why is so short ?
    my King Rafa Nadal

  8. Avatar

    Vamos!!! There is only one King of clay!

  9. Avatar

    Margaret Court's should come with an apostrophe – the top players don't even bother with Australian Open in the 60s and 70s.

  10. Avatar

    Rafael Nadal is definitely the GOAT !

  11. Avatar

    It's a historic. Not an historic. Get your grammar right

  12. Avatar

    Who thought this era would be better than the 90s era?! These greats are real professionals

  13. Avatar

    Rafa you are the GOAT and the undisputed king of clay.

  14. Avatar

    French open is the HARDEST grand slam to win, it's the toughest physically, mentally and one where you need the best overall game. Even the greatest ever tennis players ever struggled to win the French Open… Federer (1), Djokovic (1), Sampras (0), Laver (1), Lendl (3), Connors (0), McEnroe (0), Agassi (1)… Borg is the only other to have won 6 and no one have won more than 3 and Nadal have won it 12 times… It's just a ridiculous achievement, an achievement that NO ONE will beat, that's 100% for certain.

    Who's the greatest? It's no longer a debate. Federer for years had the "most grand slams" advantage to his argument now it's 19v20, Nadal will beat Federer's record without a shadow of a doubt, head2head Nadal have always been the better player between the two, no question. Federer was lucky he's 5 years older than Nadal, if they were the same age, Federer wouldn't even be part of the conversation, as he would have alot less grand slams.

    On the other hand, Djokovic will probably beat BOTH players in the grand slam count… but no one talks about him.

  15. Avatar

    Always Rafa🐐

  16. Avatar

    Nadal or Federer?
    The answer is Djokovic!

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