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Questions arise about whether the president’s duties will be passed to Pence | WNT

The U.S. Constitution says the vice president assumes the duties of the president in the event the president is unable to serve.

Brown University’s Dr. Ashish Jha discusses statements made by the president’s doctor, how the president’s preexisting health can be affected by the virus and his experimental treatment.




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  1. Avatar

    MIKE PENCE 46th President of the United States will be sworn in on Sunday

  2. Avatar

    This virus is a wicked indiscriminate killer and it doesn’t mess around

  3. Avatar

    He made his bed now he needs to lay in it

  4. Avatar

    Does Trump even do his job right now though? What difference does it make?

  5. Avatar

    Trump: discharge my presedential powers? Ha! Pry it from my dead cold hands!!!

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    Clinton’s Children

    Trump or nothing

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    Fernando V Vasquez

    Trumps selling but I’m not buying!😳
    Something stinks here, and it’s sad to say but I don’t trust the guy. And if he gets better and suddenly comes out of it ,,. I still would not trust taking the vaccine, I just hope he’s not pulling a stunt for the sake of selling this vaccine to the American people. Sorry maybe it’s just me but somethings off and I just think there is a hidden agenda here?? Or am I just crazy

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    Don't forget Speaker of the House is 3rd in line. If Trump and Pence go, Pelosi will be our President.

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    Fake news 🦠 Trump makes him a 100% free media coverage around the world 🌎…. super genius again … next viral news could be Trump jump-off Airforce One. With this marketing strategy, everyone I mean everyone know him free marketing 💀😂🍄

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    Happiest Friday in 4 years America up and at peace don't come back

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    Read the Constitution. This isn't up to a debate. No need to speak in the temporarily transfer of power

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    I don't wish this upon anyone
    However I could be wrong but I don't believe Trump has the Virus .

    I think that Trump will recover miraculously and tell the American people that the virus is not as bad as they think it is " So that he can continue to have open rallies and advise all states to reopen .

    This is my theory " again I could be wrong but I don't think so .

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    They want the 25th so desperately.. they won't get their precious…

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    New flash: Trump doesn't do anything. He delegates and plays with crayons.

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    Covid is draining the swamp

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    Rafael Ben Yisrael

    Wow!!! Christ will be here soon. America has a bill to pay.

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    Fake news! 😂

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    All these people wishing him death, disgusting. I thought people would be better. So much hate, you’re no better. Even if he wasn’t your favorite wishing him death makes you a far worse person. Get help.

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    Doesn’t matter if Mike takes over. At this point I think the majority of us know who is the BEST candidate for the job #Trump2020

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    "I feel fine " and goes to hospital . Would he lie !

  22. Avatar

    First Lady showing symptoms but stays at home.
    Saying that I'm sure she needed a rest from him !

  23. Avatar

    How does secret service clear a hospital?🤔

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    U will be missed. Hahahahaa just kidding. Sorry, let's pray for all the good people in this world. & Vote Boo

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    The human consciousness and energetic system
    ●as also the collective consciousness and energetic system

    Are targeted by the ruling estabmishment with the intentional injection of collective trauma
    ●weather manipulation (desasters)
    ●9/11 (murder and trauma induction)
    ●chemical – trail (lightmetal/aluminium)
    ●Project Blue Beam
    ●add listum of instruments as to push trauma into the collective consciousness
    □The goal by the ruling force:□
    ●keep the collective consciousness in blindness through chaos and trauma as for the exactly that mechanic being covered through that chaos and collective panic.
    ●as for the opportunistic consciousness, of the rulling establishment, to further use the collective (energy) as its source ("serfdom")
    ●which is all funded by the collective through tax, which why the current system is our co-creation

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    He didn't have any sympathy for the 200,000+ who died because his incompetence.

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    …..While it is in bad taste to wish ill will on another human being………ILL WILL PEOPLE‼️…..I would be lying if I didn't point out the POETIC JUSTICE in this. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW….. I believe that's the saying…..🙉🙈🙊…….😤.

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    What’s the drama about?! Trump can continue to lead/campaign from the hospital versus Biden being bunkered down in a cellar foe 6 months?! He’s not comatose or brain dead like the democratic left.

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    Patrick O'Donnell

    Do you what him dead yes or no vote in now give my it a like if yes

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    Pence plan to take over is coming into fruition.

  32. Avatar

    it is what it is … its the trump virus

  33. Avatar

    Stop causing fear with American People fake news!!!

    Trump 2020

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    By the power of God he will be recovered however he has to learn from his mistake

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