Home / Sports / Quaden Bayles, Australian boy bullied for dwarfism, leads out rugby league team

Quaden Bayles, Australian boy bullied for dwarfism, leads out rugby league team

Quaden Bayles, the Australian boy who was bullied at school for dwarfism and received an outpouring of global support after a video of him sobbing went viral, has led out an Indigenous rugby league team.

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  1. Avatar

    this 18 year old scammed the world why does he deserves this love

  2. Avatar

    This is why I love soccer

  3. Avatar

    Woaaaaahhhhh yeaaaaahhhh got for this awesome dude.

  4. Avatar

    Esas piernonas..
    Aye guey

  5. Avatar
    Francesco Colombini

    Grandiiiiii n1

  6. Avatar
    SunWukong Monkey King

    His IG is quadoss and he has picture him holding guns and stacks of money but still bully is wrong.

  7. Avatar

    I'm glad hes getting bullied by the way hes actin on ig he actin tough with his big ol headass teeth sponsored by gap headass

  8. Avatar

    wtf with that midget… hope he will be bully till his death

  9. Avatar

    Is this kid 9 or what?
    I’m getting confused I want answers😫

  10. Avatar

    I got bamboozled

  11. Avatar

    Ya'll got played he's 18 look on instagram he admitted it

  12. Avatar

    Quaden aint 9 he 20

  13. Avatar

    This kid is 18 not 9 people should bully him he has plenty of money holy s**t

  14. Avatar

    I got bullied… where’s my 300k and being recognized by famous people

  15. Avatar

    Ah yes, because apparently all the other kids don't matter, but this one does.

  16. Avatar

    Half of people may have got coronavirus

  17. Avatar

    Kids a scammer he was in the club and he’s 19 yrs old

  18. Avatar
    The Tunisian Amazigh Project

    Just amazing to see him smile again. 🙂
    Not a single child should feel life is not worth living! 💚

  19. Avatar
    Ultimis Richtofen the one and only Richtofen

    Ads andbits where you at?

  20. Avatar
    Henderson Grant

    Quaden:i wish i was popular orr not bullied look at him now

    Bullies:na how he get to 300k

    Quaden: who jealous now

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    Lmao y’all got finessed

  23. Avatar

    Cry for you🙏

  24. Avatar

    The thing is. He weren’t even bullied

  25. Avatar
    Família Pedro Goku


  26. Avatar
    Keetha Loganathan


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