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Put a Glass of Water Under Your Bed, See What Happens

A regular lack of sleep makes us feel exhausted right after waking up. Moreover, it’s one of the main reasons for gaining weight. Around 15% of the human population suffers from insomnia. People need about 8 hours of good sleep every night to support the normal state of physiological and psychological health. We have studied the reasons for insomnia and found effective methods to get rid of it. But first of all, do you know why some people put a glass of water under their bed?

Well, in feng shui, water symbolizes wealth and perfection. It transforms from liquid to solid form and gas quickly and flows freely. Many believe that water helps in new beginnings and carries some coded information in it. And, it helps you sleep safe and sound because it absorbs negative energy. You can check to see if you have trouble falling asleep because of negative vibes with a simple test. Feel a bit skeptical about this ritual? But why not try? By following our simple recommendations, you will be able to forget about insomnia forever and enjoy nice dreams every night.


The secret of the glass of water under the bed 0:01
Humming like a bee 2:16
Listening to music 2:47
The sound of frying bacon 3:10
Breakfast for dinner 3:37
Progressive muscle relaxation 4:17
Moon breathing 5:31
Wearing socks in bed 5:53
Meaningless lists 6:37
Cleaning the mess in your bedroom 7:34

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  1. Avatar

    What do you usually have for breakfast, btw?

  2. Avatar

    Now there is a glass of water under my bed

  3. Avatar

    I wonder what Penn and Teller would have to say about this video? Any thoughts???!!! Next time I am in Las Vegas, I will have to mention this to them. LOL 😆

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    This is honestly the most stupidest thing I’ve seen, not the worst that I’ve seen but it’s up there.

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    Came here to see what the meme is about

  6. Avatar

    the second one recommended by the girl is part of yoga

  7. Avatar

    Yes my mom did this and she found the bad energy

  8. Avatar

    I can’t sleep that much I had. Adreamthta I was the character Fred from scooby doo and a man cutted a little bit of my Hand then my shoulder and after I worked up with my hand feeling weird

  9. Avatar

    I woke up and it was filled with a yellow substance

  10. Avatar

    But i didn't have bed

  11. Avatar

    Humanity has peaked

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    The monster under ur bed is thankful so he makes u fall asleep peacefully

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  14. Avatar

    The demon under my bed : thanks man !

  15. Avatar

    Commercial: Put a glass under your bed and sleep happily!
    Real: put a glass under your water and get bitten by mosquitos.

  16. Avatar

    Did u know the smell of coffee helps u WAKE UP FOR SCHOOL LOL

  17. Avatar

    15 percent? more like 85 percent

  18. Avatar

    Try recording your maths teachers class it plays better

  19. Avatar

    I usually drink it next morning

  20. Avatar
    madeleine Lambourne

    might try that! the glass water

  21. Avatar

    So what about one year ago the video you made called DONT LEAVE A CUP OF WATER NEAR YOUR BES

  22. Avatar
    madeleine Lambourne

    does it work next to your bed if the bed is too low?

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    Darkness,Death,Vampire Guardian

    You mispronounced Ludwig.

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    Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Works for Me!

  25. Avatar

    “Don’t eat spicy food before bed”

    Looks down at my flaming hot cheetos

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    5:21 and im still awake.

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    I know where u came from

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    Me who sleeps on the floor: Interesting

  29. Avatar

    Does a plastic cup wors?

  30. Avatar

    The reason the water trick works; is because the demons see it as a gesture of kindness; letting them know you're thinking about them and their hydration.
    So they dont haunt your dreams, while you sleep.
    Just make sure they always have fresh water, and you'll be ok

  31. Avatar

    Does it work for a bunk bed

  32. Avatar

    How to many schools he went to

  33. Avatar

    I normaly put it near me to drink it, sometimes it stands there for 2 days and there was so much bubbles it felt like mineral water, well guess what, I drank many water with bad energy

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    My cats would end this experiment JACKQUICK LOL. Plus? We aren't allowed to feed or water the monsters under the bed 😲😲

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    me reads title

    Also me: nothing tf is this -👄-

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    that's why your mama dead shorts

    Me and Matthew : bed shaking enteseses and moaing* cup of water:oh sh- cup of water: spills on matthew*

    Me: whaaaaaa


    somebody : walks in*

    Me: moment of silence*

    Me: RUN

    Matthews ex: yeah im just gonna….

    Him: duck u bish im out peace✌🏻

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    A Dryosaurus In a human suit



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    BUT WHY?!?!?

  39. Avatar
    Senitha Chandraratne

    bright space that's a lie

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    Now i understand y i sleep comfortably when its raining

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