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Push to reopen New York to London flights for the holidays l GMA

Plans for a so-called “air-bridge” between the two cities would test travelers for COVID-19 before flying as Tampa International Airport offers tests to all travelers no matter what.

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    Cases going up but death rate is down over 90%. We’ve gotten much better at treating the rona

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    As long as Trump is president, no country should allow us entry. Having a fox-news-brainwashed moron for president has it's consequences.

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    excellent idea. both places are virus-infested, both leaders have covid, does not matter if more people die

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    Like si veniste a jalartela.

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    I work in film and television, minus the last 6 months. In January I leave to the UK for 1 year, on a commercial flight. I am NOT happy about flying on a commercial carrier; and less about being in London. It was this option or stay furloughed in L.A! London is a COVID19 hotspot.

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    Happy Columbus Day

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    Support Legislation in the United States to END COURT ORDERED RAPE!

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    FILL THAT SEAT ! Trump BEAT COVID-19, Democrats are powerless, bitter, losers !

    Kamala Harris own Dad HATES her – https://youtu.be/qRqXKwwZ08I. 🤓

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    Who makes these stupid decisions on both side of the ocean 🤔 🙄 😒 😐 😑

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    I want to go back to Thailand

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    To early sorry ! Why we need to be safe and save ppl nit get them sick ! I pray every day for good health for every one we only have one life to live so make the best of it and live longer !

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    Here we go again 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Has the news read their own news or BBC News lately. They're losing the fight in the coronavirus over there you dummies. You opened up those slates and you open up even more pandemic. How stupid can you get?

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    Lynley Kerr Hogan


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