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Pubs closed and household mixing banned under new Tier 3 system – BBC News

The Prime Minister has imposed a new coronavirus alert system on England to try to stop the virus spiralling out of control. The 3 Tier system is replacing local lockdowns.

Liverpool City Region is the first to be placed under the highest Tier 3 measures, which means the area is “at very high risk”. It means no mixing of households. Pubs and bars will be closed unless they serve what’s being called a “substantial meal”.

Most of the rest of England will be under Tier 1 restrictions – with medium levels of risk. In these areas current national rules continue, with the Rule of Six and a 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Parts of the North West, Yorkshire, the North East and the Midlands have been placed in Tier 2 — meaning they are at high risk.
That means no household mixing indoors, while the rule of 6 still applies outdoors. Nottinghamshire, parts of Cheshire and a small area of the Peak District are also in this category.

However England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned that even the toughest Tier 3 restrictions would not be enough on their own to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In Wales the health minister said a decision will be made in the coming days on new lockdown measures. Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon says she will draw up her own tiered framework towards the end of the month.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting from political editor Laura Kuenssberg and Ed Thomas in Liverpool.

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    The government needs to tell citizens which foods, vitamins, and health needs may combat this virus.. The cause is not enough neither is bleach!!.. Surely you have had enough time, money and research from the successful countries of Europe for a vaccine.. Our children are in fear of OCD & social anxiety disorder with the constant isolation, washing, and masks.!!.. Stop talking the talk and walk the walk.

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    free country 😂

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    also pickle to nose is hard hitting journalism

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    Sweden its normal over there and barely anyone dying???

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    At least you guys have the NHS…

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    The fake virus that dosent even exist. It's all a big joke man honestly people wake up!!!! Theres no virus it's all a a big scam made up by the people higher than government, the elite control this world and they worship satan covid is just a big ritual like 9/11 was it's all about controling the masses, and this is a perfect way to do it. They will force vaccines next and if u dnt take it u wont be able to go about ur daily lives, then they will get rid of all cash and microchip u. Watch this space….. u ain't seen nothing yet its gonna get 10x worse.

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    Divide and conquer… social re-engineering at its finest… propaganda like Bernays at best.

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    One word of advice for Boris, his "experts" and the propaganda media: Sweden.

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    Burn all the government alive.

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    The demon BBC talking about the devils in parliament. How ironic. SPOILER ALERT! Martial Law. Army on the streets. Forced vaccines. WAKE UP!!!!

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    Punishing citizens for getting ill, the UK government is pathetic!

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    Script by George Soros

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    Just do another lockdown bojo

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    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    What's the point of that 🤔? Do a mass clean up mission . People go to university's still don't get 99.99% virus are killed by cleaning up . Government a joke

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    Geoffrey Callaghan

    check a website called rense.com for the real news and now the this shite

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    The BBC are just loving this. Have they sacked all of their investigative journalists ? No body at the Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation questions anything this tyrannical government does to it's people under the pretense of controlling a virus less deadly than the flu. WHO NOW ADMIT THAT !!

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    Democracy and communism go hand in hand. They even believe their thinking is so advanced that you don't need to think.

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    Ok so when are people going to stop actually entertaining this BS and start talking about what we are actually going to do? Why are people waiting for there business to be closed down?! Leave the job! leave the house! be self sufficient!!

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    Seems like everyone disagrees with the government's measures. But what should they do?

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    Can someone summarise this in 10 words for me. Cba to watch the episode.

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    We should close down media and ban politicians from getting together. That will stop the spread.

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    Anyone still buying into this BS?

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    Time to start growing some crops. Buy a van and live in the hills. Enjoy finding out the ending when it's too late. Bye 👋

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    Picture this…
    31st December 2020 approaching midnight. Instead of the Live London fireworks, Boris Johnson is counting down to the new year with us, 3..2..1…
    He screams “Happy New Year, no more lockdown, everywhere reopens now, first drink for everyone is on me”
    Absolute Limbs.

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    Hey remember that time the Scottish woman said no we are gonna do it are own way you don’t control us? I’m Paraphrasing obviously, so we said sure no worries you do you Scotland and then cause it was a terrible idea and handled so badly that they got a second wave when no one else did…. so let’s pretend that did not happen and let her create her own timetable again because it makes her feel important I guess ….

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    Pyramid symbology 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Stick the lockdowns and let’s get a second opinion. Many more qualified virologists who are top of their field have been shut out by the WHO and media for challenging the official story.

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    Read Siege By James Mason


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    It's down to us to bring the virus case numbers down… If the government can't bring the cases down how the fuck do they expect random people to? It's an absolute joke to blame the public after how poor the government has handled this bloody over egged flu virus.

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    It's not spiralling out of control, they've just added it to the flu figures to pull the wool over our eyes.

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    Read Siege By James Mason

    I’d rather be speaking German

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