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Protests grow across Musilm world against French president Emmanuel Macron

Protests and demonstrations are growing across the Muslim world at the French president Emmanuel Macron and his perceived attacks on Islam and the prophet Muhammad.
In Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka about 40,000 were involved in a demonstration organised by the country’s largest Islamist party on Tuesday, as protests took place in Pakistan, Palestine, Iran and Afghanistan.
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo republished cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, in September, before trial of 14 people accused of involvement in a terrorist attack against the publication’s offices in 2015 for publishing the same caricatures.
Macron has defended the publication, he pledged to fight ‘Islamist separatists’ and said his country ‘would not give up cartoons’

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    France President Macron Should Step Down

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    They will destroy europe and the left allowed it

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    Its about time that France started doing something..

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    2.3 billion loss over night

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    If you get this angry over freedom of expression, you don't belong in Europe.

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    Nuke um.. Job done..

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    It seems the truth hurts.

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    Firmly rooted in 14th Century medieval doctrines not fit for purpose in the 21st Century

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    Why is Britainistan not featured here?

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    Time to star banning people from these countries to enter Europe

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    Europe will be in civi war 👍👍

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    Zikrullah Salahudeen

    Is it me or is it kinda toxic in this comment section

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    What awful people.

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    The only time Mac has been right 😊👍

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    wait wait, what happened to covid? or is it one of those protests not affected by the virus

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    Who care? They are middle ages people anyway

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    Finally Macron found his balls

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    Why because he said it’s not ok to decapitate someone who shares different beliefs than you.

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    Stay in your middle east if you dont like Europe we never going to miss you.

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    death to the old world, death to fanaticism, death to absolutist religions, the future evolves

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    People don't know but French president is responsible for the last attack happened in Iran. So yh French president have to be attacked too, not the French people but the French president.

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    I stand with France 🇨🇵 and freedom of speech

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    اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى ءاله وصحبه اجمعين

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    So many islamophobic comments on here.

    Diversity is our strength.

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    My comments are being deleted

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    The only time mac has been right

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    Guardian closing the comment section in 3….2…..1….

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    France the satanic peado state of no men but men in skirts n lippy

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    Pork chops and French wine tonight.

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    looks like all the women support French president

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    Where is the Saudis who always claim that his brith was in Saudi Arabia?

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    Couldn't tell which clip was England

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    Macron – argent provocateur….. 🖕

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    Emonuel gandon

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    Why have they got Yugoslav flags in Pakistan?

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    If only they put this much effort into stopping their friends becoming radicalised…

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    Time to start repatriations

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    the guardian supports more of these people migrating to europe

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    these fools would give their right arm to live in France. no power cuts , efficient transport system, generous welfare, 24 hr wifi , freedom of religion, Football and the right to vote . Suckers !.

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